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Mystical Cats Tarot - Three of Sky (Swords)

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Mystical Cats Tarot - Three of Sky (Swords)

3 cats are standing on top of a wall while they are dropping various fragile objects on the ground. A fair amount of debris is already scattered around on both sides of the wall.
They are mostly pushing colorful vases, but one of the cats is in the process of making a large clear quartz point crystal fall, while staring at us with a content look on their face.
There is an arched opening in the wall, with a wind chime hanging inside.
Thick foliage makes up for the lower half of the background, while a blue sky with scattered white clouds covers the upper half of the background.

Colors : Very varied. In the cool/neutral range.

From what we can see and feel by looking at the card, but also from what the author wrote in the book, we can tell that we are not looking at a typical depiction of the 3 of Swords.
It's more of an advice card for when you feel on the verge of breaking down and/or that some people have failed you. This card tells us that those people/situations are not worth spending your energy on, that ''[i]t's far better to be on your own than to associate with those who enjoy making trouble and stirring up discord.'' In other words, do what you can to leave a bad situation, to avoid having to pick up the pieces (of your broken heart).
It's a far more positive take on this commonly dreaded card and I really like that!

Symbolism :

Number 3 (cats) : Symbol of vital force and positive energy. In this particular case, I would see it as ''You need to use your vital force to turn negativity into positive energy.''

Breaking fragile objects : As noisy and messy as it is, vases being broken are not the end of the world. We sometimes put too much value into frustratring events. As long as nobody is being badly hurt, we should not overdramatize over that kind of petty act.

Clear quartz point crystal : Used a lot in lithotherapy, clear quartz (rock crystal) is a very good energy amplifier and can be used for general healing, spiritual cleansing and to help with mental clarity. Here it's on the verge of falling on the ground and potentially break. It can symbolize the potential upcoming heartbreak or confusion when something is not going well in our life.
Also, it might not be on purpose, but to me, this crystal really looks like a sword's blade. Swords are indeed related to the Air element and represent rationality, among other things.

Debris : Represent the 'pieces' like in the expression ''Need to pick up the pieces'' in reference to the outcome of a problem/fight/drama.

Wall with arched opening : Symbolizes the possibility of a new beginning, of taking a different route.

Wind chime : Used to enhance the sense of peace and well-being. Believed to help with expanding conscious awareness. In this case, it's hanging from the roof of the arched opening, which could indicate us that this particular path is a peaceful and positive one.
I believe this wind chime could also be there to remind us of the Air element, to which the Sky Clan is closely related.

Foliage : The arched opening seems to bring us directly to an area of heavy foliage. Forests/foliage represent life and the unknown.

Green : Symbolizes growth, hope, life, rebirth, positive energy.

Sky : Represents freedom.

Blue : Symbolizes emotions, the psychic realm, calmness, healing and spirituality, peace, harmony.

White clouds : Symbolize clarity of thoughts.
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