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The Goddess Oracle Deck by Thalia Took

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Thalia Took 

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The Goddess Oracle Deck by Thalia Took

Well, okay then. Here I am.

I did the artwork for the deck I am (provisionally) calling the Goddess Oracle Deck (knowing that there is another of the same name by Hrana Janto and Amy Sophia Marashinsky it is just a working title) about ten years ago now, in a burst of energy caused, I'm afraid, by an extremely unhappy transformational year I was living through (Saturn return, I guess you'd call it: the proof being that Kali was the first Goddess I found myself painting--yikes!)

Since then I've been working on writing the book; but lately I've gotten really, really stuck. I find myself in another transformational year (they seem to come up for me every decade) and so am reevaluating pretty much everything (the Jungians would probably call it individuation): and working on a project I started a good decade ago has not been on the top of my want-to-do list.

So, I guess, what I'm asking for here is some help, advice, or encouragement. Though advice of the kind 'just sit down and do it' is probably not going to be helpful, since that's what I've been telling myself for years, and so far all that's produced in me is rebellion.

So let's see. Here's how I am approaching writing the book. Each of the 81 Goddesses gets a page (I'm keeping it to one single spaced 8 1/2 by 11 12-point type piece of paper, just to keep them all about the same length and not too long, because I can certainly ramble) which tells of Her history, culture, any legends or myths She might have, what She is the Goddess of, the interpretation for the card itself, epithets or alternate names for the Goddess to help round out Her personality a bit, and finally, traditional offerings to that Goddess, as I'm coming at this from the perspective of a Pagan/Wiccan Goddess worshiper, and would want to know how to make use of the cards in a spell and/or approach said Goddess respectfully in ritual.

Each Goddess also gets a story or tale told from Her point of view (inspired in the beginning from Ari Berk's tale of Taliesin in Brian Froud's book The Runes of Elfland--I read that and just HAD to write one from Cerridwen's point of view); I've done quite a few of those already, though not lately. Those, I find, are the ones that really have to be (divinely) inspired for me to write. It's pretty much channelling, I suppose, those stories.

I am also going to include several spreads, of course.

So. Here's the link to the index page for my Goddess Oracle Deck

In the left menu are links to each of the 81 Goddesses; on the right are links to the stories, the tales of the Goddesses I've written so far (I have not put up the information and interpretation pages I've done).

So again I'm looking for encouragement or advice. I would especially appreciate feedback on the stories I've written; I put them up and have pretty much gotten no comments on them and it feels rather like I've dropped them into a black hole. I'm probably not particularly sensitive to criticism (I survived RISD after all) though be warned I am quite stubborn and sure of my ways, so I may not take your advice, either.

Or, if anyone out there would just like to talk about one of the Goddesses I've done for the deck, or has questions about the art or the stories, or why I painted Who, or what is Cerridwen doing, or why 81 of them? that would be good too, and will hopefully get me thinking about them and back into some kind of groove. Also I'm happy to answer questions anyway.

I have been picking a Goddess every week on my blog, to try to help get me thinking about the deck, too. Assuming I can link to that as it is part of the process of writing about this deck, the link is:

Feel free to leave comments there, too.

So maybe I should start by asking a question guaranteed to get me some positive and encouraging feedback: do any of you have a favorite Goddess from my deck?
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Hello, Thalia! Your little Black Hole is my favorite online reference for goddesses. Each time I view an illustration, I am struck by something new. I love your Freyja and Hekate!

I'll have to drop back by this thread when my brain is more alert.
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The thought of your beautiful inspiring Goddess cards being available in the format you describe is too exciting to really vocalise coherently!
I've admired them for years!

Your art rocks!

Now, Hmmmm... so hard to pick a favourite.
Bride is one for obvious reasons..
Also Gaea and Kore, they are so lovely.
Hecate is very powerful too.

I havenít read your stories yet, so I can't comment on them just yet.
I'm off to read them now!
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Pleeeze Don't Stop!

I Love your Goddess oracle, and visit there often....The images knock me out. I don't think you know how good you are, and what a gift your site is to others. It's the best place I know to get Goddess information...Ixchel for's almost impossible to get anything on Ixchel anywhere else! I have just gone and read your Bludwedd who gave me chills, and Rhiannon, and are a poet, and good one. there aren't nearly enough good ones, please don't stop the tales and the visions!
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sporadic magic

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I have to read the stories--I hadn't seen your site before--but I'll tell you, right off the bat, those images are knockouts.
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Oh my! I was so excited to see this thread!
Your Goddess Oracle has been one of my fervent deck wishes...well... Forever!

I absolutely adore your art...and now, after seeing ALL the Goddesses you have on your site, I have to say that each image is just what I hoped it would be!(and some of them are far better than I would have dreamed!)

My favorites are Lakshmi, Ayida Wedo,and Laverna, as these three have always resonated with me.

This is really an amazing achievement. The stories so far are perfect as well. Not too long...but with enough perspective to really get a feeling for what each Goddess feels herself.

Thanks for posting here. This made my day!
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believer in magic

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Please, please, please could you include Sulis?

Your site has been a favourite of mine for years .
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Talking really beautiful...

my advice is keep going. i'd love to own this deck as i am getting into finding what goddess' i want to work with or what ones want to work with me this would be and exremely helpful deck. the artwork is breathtaking the means are really nice i haven't got to the stories yet but that is because i'm at work at the moment but i can't wait to get to them as i love to devour knowledge on the goddess'. i do hope u can get unstuck and the encourgement helps aswell anywho keep up the really great job and i hope to own it as it will go on my wishlist for now HARLEY
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Fugitive from the law of averages

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Oh, how wonderful to see you here and read this post!!!

I have copied lots of info from your site to my BOS. It is a wonderful resource!

And of course, enjoyed your inspiring artwork.

My favourites from the Oracle deck (please!!! print it!!! NOW!!!!) are Yemaya, Arianrhod, Danu, Gaea, Hel, Iduna.
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{{{Thalia}}}! i am on my bended knees, which ain't easy these days! i am begging, pleading, craving, wanting...heck...NEEDING to have, hold, cherish, learn from, gaze upon, worship, aspire to be like...these GLORIOUS GODDESSES that you have midwifed and birthed...
i LOVE ALL the stories...i LOVE ALL the Goddesses...i LOVE ALL your ART!!! Your poetic phrases...Your spirals...Your obvious shared love for Goddess in all Her many aspects....Your color palette is rich and your brush strokes strong! i want to DANCE the Spiral Dance across the skies...i want to invoke and evoke...i want to celebrate the gift of being a woman...heck...a GODDESS! In case you were wondering... i really, really, want, gotta have, won't feel complete LOL! until you finish your book and publish this deck!!! Whew!
Like i have said before, i have had your Goddess Oracle deck on my wish list for so long, it is yellowing with age. i've remained "Ever Hopeful", though, that's why i never put in archival plastic sheets.
Brightest Gypsy Crone Goddess Blessings,
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