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Gilded Tarot SG - 6 of Pentacles

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Give a fish vs. teach to fish

I can see where this card might imply giving what is easy and quick instead of truly caring to take the time and energy to give what it needed. It is easy to throw a few coins in a can held out by a nearly faceless homeless person instead of dedicating so much time to rehabilitating a human being to rejoin society as a healthy productive member with a job, home, family. Easier to give a man a fish than it is to invest yourself in teaching him to fish.

So now that I have come to terms with the negative hint of this card I also see a positive side. I see this card more about giving with no strings attached and learning to let go of the need to control others by using gifts or loans as leverage to influence their choices. This man is saying, "here is this gift and I make no demands on how it is used." These pentacles are opportunities that can be squandered or invested and turned into something amazing. They aren't really being put directly into your hand so you have to reach for them a bit and then put your own effort into expanding this fortune.
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the book I have that came with the Guilded Tarot reads to me as the artist saying its a positive card not a negative. The wealth is acknowledged with a gentle reminder that when we take time to work hard that is time not spent with loved ones so just make sure to keep your life's balance in check and spend time to show you care.

Now my personal feelings I got when I was told to develop my own was that when you become successful others have their hands always out wanting to catch your crumbs or saying Gimme, Gimme, Gimme! Can I get a loan? You know that one time I helped you.....? I know of a few people who willingly share their money and it usually goes mostly to the people who I know are using them and don't care about that person. Then when its truly a genuine person who could use their help they are limited because they helped the other.
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6 of Pentacles, a duty of rich people to help others, yes, he is not looking for who to help, the given is more important part here.
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