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Sleeping on a card

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psychic sue 

Well Bonny, Tarot Bear may laugh, but its an excellent way to learn the cards and "feel" them, so there!

And yes Tarot Bear those pockets in underwear ARE for condoms. We are a pretty enlightened lot in the UK you know!! (LOL)
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I have never slept with a card or cards under my pillow but as i have read it might be a good way to understand each individual card more. ( i am new to learning the meanings) so it could help me anything is worth a shot
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The Doc 

Originally Posted by bonnycat
I have slept with the whole deck inside the pillow slip ,as I am a figgit in bed, it stayes put then near my head. I am sure it would work with one card. Have you thought about accually carrying a card around with you all the time? I have made a small pouch for this purpose and am using unvirsals tiny tarot pinned to my underwear. I have got some good insites with this
That is a way to get a point from your deck. LOL I would say put the card you want to get a answer from on a flat surface or under your pillow but make sure it SPECALIZES in what you want an answer to. if on a counter, sincrinze two stones to eachothers energy put one under your pillow and one on the card, the stones should talk to eachother and put what you want in your dreams, a bit distored posiblely, but still the answer.

The Doc.
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I'll start this and see how it goes.
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can you put any card? so if I have a problem in say understanding the Fool, and if I sleep whith it I mait wake up with new ideas?
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I wouldn't want to rumple the card, so I would leave it on the nightstand, maybe. (And pray I didn't spill water on it during the night--have to have my water glass.) I haven't tried this, but my hubby left a reading out on his nighttable once, and I dreamed about one of the cards. I still have little idea why, but the dream sure stuck with me. It was the Thoth 5 of Cups.

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I haven't done this with tarot cards yet (I'd be scared to crumple them), but I do it with music I am trying to memorize. I read it just before turning off the light, then put it under my pillow, then read it again first thing when I wake up. The rehearsal goes on while I'm sleeping.

I don't really know what the point would be though to sleep with the card.
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When I got my Robin Wood deck, I decided to try an experiment and sleep with the deck under my pillow for three consecutive nights. You know, just to see if there was anything to those old superstitions.

I put the cards in a ziplock bag and slipped the bag under my pillow. Not only did I have very lucid dreams for those three nights, I felt really connected to the deck afterward. In fact, the deck seemed to take on a warmth to the touch that it didn't have prior to my sleeping experiment. That warmth is still there.

I considered putting single cards under my pillow, but I'm too afraid of bending them. There was no damage done to the whole deck when I slept on it, but I'm wary of sleeping on individual cards.

- Eric
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An interesting Experience

When I was a little bit less experienced with the cards (not that I'm very experienced now) I was in the middle of an excersize where I was trying to find the cards that I was most uncomfortable with. I seperated out 5 major arcana, and was about to narrow that down some... I got really tired before I did so, however. At the time, I was trying to build a subconscious relationship with my tarot cards, and one aspect of that was sleeping with my deck under my pillow. So I put the 5 cards that I was least comfortable with face up, and the rest face down, and fell asleep.

This was, in retrospect, pretty dumb.

I woke up about 6 minutes later after having the worst nightmare of my life. I mean really, it was just awful. I couldn't move for about 20 minutes, then when I walked upstairs to the bathroom (taking a bath helps me restore my 'cool') I managed to break about 3 things, and after I got into the bathtub, the whole shower curtain fell on top of me. It took about 6 hours before I was really able to calm down. heh...
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Originally Posted by psychic sue
Well Bonny, Tarot Bear may laugh, but its an excellent way to learn the cards and "feel" them, so there!

And yes Tarot Bear those pockets in underwear ARE for condoms. We are a pretty enlightened lot in the UK you know!! (LOL)
Why don't you just stick them in your bra?

{PS - the commercial for the underwear where the Best Man is undressing at the church because he can't find the ring, which is in the underwear pocket - is hysterical! We don't get commercials like this in the US! LOL!}
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