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Umbrae goes on a Rant about LWB's

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So if you guys don't like the short LWB definitions of a card meaning...what do you think of decks like Voyager and Sacred Circle that have a one word meaning written on the card?
I am new, and trying to use my intuition. I do pretty well if the spread is small and "isolated". I get really messed up when in big spread where everything mingles. And the LWB doesn't help with that either, neither do the bigger companion books.
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Ivy Rhiannon 

Originally Posted by Umbrae
So folks start with a LWB. A line is given about the meanings of the cards. It is read and memorized. Then the new deck owner attempts to begin 'readings'. This is akin to reading crib notes on a flight manual and attempting to fly an airplane.
Reading the LWB will not improve your psychic abilities. You become a mimic...a fraud. Burn the book.The little white book will ignite at four hundred and fifty seven degrees Fahrenheit. Roast a sausage.
ROTFLMAO!!!! My thoughts exactly Umbreae!
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Ivy Rhiannon 

Originally Posted by Mermaid
LOL Mystique! I can just imagine it - a circle cast around a bonfire under the full moon, hoards of noisy aeclecticans dancing around and tossing LWBs into the flames ...

Can we can toast marshmallows after the ritual?
Yes we can! I'm not saying that the LWB doesn't give info into the deck, but if you are just repeating "scriptures" from a book, your not really giving a reading!

Listen to this...

Shadowolf from

"Which leads me to another warning...I have seen readers who are rely totally on their intuition, and I have seen them make some glaring errors--particularly in their "advice" to the querant...I am absolutely stunned when I read posts of people who ignore the cards, using their "wonderful intuition"-- puhlease. In my mind this is simply someone who wants to have the power of divination without doing any work. That may be fine for fun and games, but I would not want to have a reading by such a person."

Never have I met a person who relied on thier intuition and ruined someones life! I have however relied soley upon a LWB and not had a lick of sense in a reading!!!

So is the bonfire clothing optional?
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LWBs tend to use archaic and simplistic meanings. There is just not enough space to cover the subject adequately. A book or several books would be more comprehensive and a better choice. I suppose it can be argued that a LWB is better than nothing, especially for an absolute beginner just starting out and/or to get an artist's interpretation.

Personally, I don't use LWBs unless there is no other way to get information (like for some oracles). I think that for the most well-rounded reading it's a combination of intuition and knowledge from books.

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78 Degrees of Wisdom, the book with which I started in the Tarot, has between three and pages pages per Major arcana, and at least two pages per minor - more for thos she considers "gate cards" (cards that bring you to another dimension). Although based on RW, Rachel Pollack compares several decks and traditions and discusses the symbolism at length, draws the learner's eye to this or that detail on the card (hence teaching you to look independently too) as well as giving some upright and reversed divination meaning (my only gripe is that she sticks to the RW umbering, which makes no sense to me ow, but on the whole she is not a slave to RW). All that together makes for a very rich experience, even when you are starting out, and you can draw on many elemments to try and undersand meanings. She also works on spreads, and how to read cards TOGETHER in order to get a dynamic reading. I never even looked at any LWBs.

Later I discovered other books, and different aspects of the Tarot. When I am stuck, I still go back to Rachel, she ahs such in-depth knowledge of her subject.

But there are no miracles: for good intuitive readings, you can't get enough practice readings - and this is important: playful reading exercies (thee are examples in this forum) and you must not only read for yourself, but for other people, as you have less emotional attachment to the outcome. And lay the book by - even Rachel Pollack would be the first to say that!
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Rotflmao ?

Well, I know what an LWB is, but what is ROTFLMAO ? Please...anyone ?


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Originally Posted by rosyelf
Well, I know what an LWB is, but what is ROTFLMAO ?
It means "Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off" .
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I love this old thread.

At the risk of appearing contrary... I do have to say I have kept all my little white books. I use them for micro-blanco-bibliomancy. (Sometimes they are very accurate.)
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[QUOTE=napaea]So i would really like to know why the artist chose to express this card in that way.

Of course, the LWB didn't help me at all. QUOTE]

I wish that was the use of the LWB. I agree with most of you: as I have said before throw the !@#$%^& book away. EXCEPT! if you must read for yourself it helps to have an outside interp so you don't just interperate the cards as you WANT them to mean. So I never burn any bridges or LWB's.

Also: the LWB can give you a feel for the philosophy or mind-set of the creator.... sometimes.
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Originally Posted by Umbrae
I would always recommend to any new student. Buy two decks. Tape one deck card by card into a notebook. Leave two pages for each card. Write your own meanings first, then hunt down a good book (“Tarot Reversals”) and begin expanding. Examine how you interpreted the archtypes.
As time goes on you will find that some card meanings expand, others contract. Your interpretation one time of the 4 of cups must be different than other times, due to context.
So that is a great idea! I've been trying to figure out how to organize my tarot journal, and I think I might have just stumbled onto a way to do it! Thanks, Umbrae, even if the thread is 2 years old. I'm glad I got my hands on it, so to speak! Just the right advice just when I needed it.
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