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Are spares necessary?

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Dussere Dodal...*sigh* maybe one day....

I don't have duplicates because there are so many wonderful decks that I don't own yet, I wouldn't really want another copy of any of my current ones until I've got a more extensive selection. Most of mine so far are in print. I might get the old black-bordered edition of the Arthurian, as I got the new one for Christmas and like it a lot. I'd also nab another Spiral if I saw one for a good price, but that would be more of a replacement than a duplicate, as mine is getting pretty tragic.

Oh the Ottone Spanish TdM, I'd definitely grab a couple of copies of that if I saw them on sale, its my Desert Island deck.
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mollymawk  mollymawk is offline
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Oh yes. My main reading pack is the Illuminated (non-irridescent), and one of these years Carol is going to stop making them. I've got a very worn regular size (you come to appreciate that extra lamination after a year or so of hard use, trust me), and a mini that I just got.

I think I want a couple more of the regular size and another mini, so I need to bite the bullet and do that this year. There are lots of packs that I like but don't own yet, too. But...knowing that this one is one I'm likely to always read with--it took years to find an RWS I was happy with and this is it--I don't want to lose it.
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are spares necessary?

Oh my word, I am SO pleased I put a tick in the box to let me know when people respond to this thread . . .. do you guys have any idea how much you are helping me to discover decks I've never even heard about?

I now read this thread with a notepad and then get to look up all these amazingly titled decks later.

I drool enviously over those of you who have the Alchemical . . . let alone duplicates of it. One day my price will come . . . .

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Well, here's another beautiful one to look up----New Palladini. I'm definitely going to get a second copy of it before the year is out. It's one of my favorites and the one I'm using the most right now, but it's like the Buckland and Ancestral Path. It doesn't seem that popular and it's been in print for awhile. I expect it won't stay in print forever and I want another one before it goes out of print and becomes ridiculously pricey.
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Having heard that the Light and Shadow has gone OOP, I orderd a 2nd copy from Amazon while I could. It's not been lpopular enough to hav any real chance of being re-issud in the future.
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Light and shadow is OOP? That's sad, I was considering purchasing that deck, perhaps I will consider it again.

I am greatly tempted to purchase a spare of my most treasured deck, Clive Barret's Ancient Egyptian. It's not like the World Spirit (the only other deck I read with) or the Robin Wood (which I haven't read with, but study from) which are important decks to me, but are fairly popular. They're distributed by major publishers and in wide circulation. The Ancient Egyptian was actually out of print for a long time, and went back into print just before I got into tarot. It's independently published, and while it's not unheard of I haven't ever seen it at a Borders or at the local new age store. My copy is just starting to look worn after nearly three years of frequent use (it's very well made and durable, more so than other decks I own) and I worry if I should get another.
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Originally Posted by Niomi
My copy is just starting to look worn after nearly three years of frequent use (it's very well made and durable, more so than other decks I own) and I worry if I should get another.
I'll say yes, if you've got the money for it now. I think this is one of those instances where it's better to have it and not want it, than to want it and not have it.
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I do like to get mini decks as well as full sized ones... they have a whole different feel to them.
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HearthCricket  HearthCricket is offline
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One thing that I really like about the minis is that if I am going somewhere that stresses me out or a family gathering where I often feel "left out" and ignored, I love having a mini tarot deck with me. I don't even use it. But it is in my purse and it is like having a special secret with me that says it is okay to be me and pursue my interests and not share them all. I feel the same way if I am carrying a rosary in my purse, or crystals or even wearing some jewelry that has a special meaning only to myself. It is comforting. Sometimes I am smiling in the car, as we go or come back, and my husband has no idea why! I guess this is why I would love to have some of my favourite decks in a mini and some mini bags (Baba decks, Halloween, Russian, Gilded, etc.!)

Of course, if I could shrink several Dickens, Bronte and Austen novels, I would be all set!
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I don't have any spares. The concept seems rather materialistic to me, actually - I just don't really get it.

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