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Luathas the Wild

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"Do not let your heart be troubled..." (Galadriel)

Originally posted by devan_faery
now reading alissa's quote i'm worried that perhaps i've missed my chance at being with this guy. i'm not sure if i'm the universe is going to give me the chance again.
The Universe takes care of the ones we love, even when *we* don't know who they are, due to our ego-entrapped mindpoint. You can never lose the ones you truly love ... it is impossible. (You can, however, be without them for eons of time, but that's another story).

The Universe will bring this person, wash him up to your shores again, if you're meant to find him in this life. Perhaps his message and lesson for you has already concluded though, in which case do not hold on to regret, but learn from it and release it.

Maybe the Universe used this person to teach you a lesson about hesitating devan . In any case, you shouldn't let yourself fret over moments now gone.

If you see him again, use any thoughts of regret to spur you into action without hesitation next time.

If you don't see him again, thank this stranger for having already taught you lessons you wished to learn in order to be more fully who you are meant to be in this life... to act when the spirit is upon you.

It takes years to learn how to listen to spirit, and then obey it without a momen'ts hesitation, without the human response of intellectual analyzation blocking you from action. (I can't say I'm anywhere near such a level myself). Both aspects of human behavior are necessary, but our society puts emphasis on the need to "save face" rather than taking risks that might make us look or feel "silly".

You will find him ... if you should, devan. Spend time with your Higher Self (in prayer meditation whatever) and believe that you can never lose anything that's precious to you ... we only live with the impression of it's loss, and impressions are ours to change.
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thank you alissa, that was so beautiful, i am close to tears!
your reply has made me feel a lot more positive about the situation. i try not to have regrets as think that there is no use for them, apart from to learn from past mistakes. so perhaps like you said i have already learned the lesson that i was meant to, but i'm hoping that he will be washed up on my shore again.
the first time i looked into his eyes, and all predictions aside, i just had some weird sense of knowing that he is meant to be in my life, so i do have some faith that he is going to come around again.
then again last month i wasn't sure that i was going to be starting a new relationship, the timing didn't seem so right, i didn't really believe it. this month however i know that i'm going to meet someone, whether its this guy or not, i feel it in my heart, and i know my heart is never wrong.

thank you for your words of wisdom alissa
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I can totally relate to your situation. I agree with Alissa. I've let so many people get out of my life, but I need to move on. I figure it's just not meant to be. I also hesitate going up to a person I really like. But I think we are somehow all connected. People come in and out of our lives and everyone is a teacher.
Anyway, if you dont meet the guy you want now, then someone better suited for you will enter your life. As I've learned, the hard way, life is too short to dwell on the past.
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I pulled my cards out today, for the first time in a while, and did a short reading with them. Luthas came up as advice. Due to the question (which I do not wish to share), the advice of "go for it" is completely wrong. So I looked him up in good faeries/bad faeries, and here.

His wild wreckless energy can take a control over you sometimes, where he's an influence in your life, to act, and carry on completely wreckless.

This today was a card saying "you're acting out of wreckless energy, and you need to ignore the intoxicating influence of this energy so you don't crash yourself into a whirlwind of trouble."

I've never seen him as a warning before, usually I've seen his wreckless energy as advice, to be wreckless, or at least, act what you feel is wreckless, letting your intimidations go and do what you so wish to do. Usually we hold back too much not allowing ourselves to act wrecklessly, but today, I see him as a warning to stop acting wreckless.

I just wanted to share this other side of him with you all. It's comforting in a strange way, to hear his gentle advice.

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When I look at the Faerie Challengers, of which Luatha is one, I always consider the challenge they bring. In the case of Luatha the acknowledgement of our feelings of wanting to be wreckless (conscious or subcounscious) and for us to consciously decide what we will do with that information. Sage, your experience perfectly illustrates this.

Sometimes Challengers do bring advice, but often time it is an aspect of the self that they show us. Our personal challenge.
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Wild, But Cunning

The first time I pulled Luahas' card, I thought I knew right away what he represented. When I pulled out the book to compare my interpretation with it, I was surprised to see how different they were. In general, my understanding of the cards tended to match that of the book's, but not this time. I have since learned to see the aspects of him that Jessica and Brian noted, but I still see him as more of a cunning challenger than a blind speedster, so I'd like to share what I think of Luathas and find out if these insights into his character are shared by anyone else, of if Luathas is putting on a show for me.

The book says Luathas is impatient, reckless, and full of energy, but when I look at him, he smiles and whispers 'that is the Rarr, I am more cunning than you think.' He is wild, yes, and fast, but his speed is calculated. He knows exactly what he is doing, even when he doesn't know where he's going. He is always two steps (or more) ahead of everyone else, darting this way and that, but when patience or stealth are called for, he knows it, and can slow down enough to do what needs to be done. He is cocky, with his little sideways grin, because he can see the checkmate coming a mile away. His favorite words, from what I can tell, are not 'hurry hurry hurry' but rather 'I dare you.' I don't see him as a child, pulling on your hair and all but begging you to get a move on, but more like a cocky teenager, learning the limits. Luathas challenges us to test the limits, too, of life, of love, and of ourselves.

Applied to what has already been said in this thread, absolutely I agree his message to you, Castlerock, was 'go for it' because you didn't think it was something you could do. I hope Luathas prooved to you that you could.

I think there is also significance in that he is all green. Not blue, like the Rarr, which is a faster wavelength in the colour spectrum.

Any other thoughts on Luathas? I'm really curious to know.
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I agree whole-heartedly with the cunning cleverness of Luathas. He is calculating and actually wiser than we know, despite that cocky smirk.
I think he shows his message in flashes, then I think Luathas likes to sit back and watch as people either take that message and get a burning desire to "DO IT!", or he'll sit back and impassively watch as they "burn themselves out" with their energies running amock and in all the wrong directions.
"The choice is yours, " he says.
Other Faeries are there to help guide the human on where to focus that energy.
Its up to us as humans to be receptive and either take the advice or not.
Luathas has no problems in letting go!
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Originally Posted by ellirhyn
Luathas has no problems in letting go!
I think this is an interesting choice of words, and you're quite right. I think that's Luathas' challenge (he is, after all, one of the challengers): he forces us to let go of those things that so often hold us back, but the window of opportunity we have may be limited, so we have to act now, and maybe that's where people interpret his pushing as 'faster, faster, faster,' when really all he's saying is 'now's the moment, Carpe Diem' and if we miss it, then we have to let go of the missed oportunity and learn not to dwell on 'what ifs' so that we don't miss the next one when it comes along.
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Amashelle, I really like how you noted that he is more of an "I dare you" sort. Which is definetly clever and cunning. I see that too in him. My experiences with him, is him also enticing or challenging me to act on a more base feeling that might be more self centered than I would normally be or taking a walk on the wild side every now and then. He dares me to step out of my comfort zone and do it.

Like Ellirhin pointed out, he does not push one to do anything, but like you said he dares you. He definelty keeps things interesting *LOL*
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I see a hyper, sugared up child. He wants evrything NOW! He is screwing things up by rushing in his frenzy.
But, he is also very unapologetic
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