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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step TWO

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Ball of Doom
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step 2 star tarot of dreams
The universe is my playground as I stand with one foot on top of a starI am a star as I am surronded by my breathern.

I have light in the form of rainbows pouring from each vassel in my hand granting light on the world below me.

I am clothed in the night sky only. i am not smileing or sad i am one with the universe I just am ...
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Our descriptions . . .

I am noticing that our card descriptions are containing perceptions and feelings that we projected into or take from the cards -- in addition to the description of the figures(s) and settings/landscapes depicted in the card. I'm not saying this is right or wrong, good or bad, helpful or distracted. It just is what we are doing.

Since I have been very rigid about not peeking ahead in the book until its time to start the next step I can't say if we distracting ourselves or not. So, its just an observation. This is also an opportunity to again say thanks for participating in this thread as we take our early steps in learning a lot more about working with our cards and decks -- all with the ultimate aim of better serving others while learning more about ourselves. Dave

PS: It looks like we now have 9 participants and a large follow-on audience as we move thru this exercise. It's not to late for others to jump in and join us.
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Robin Wood - Four Of Cups

I am an old wide tree with green vines growing on my sides. A patch of dirt
lays around me and sitting on this dirt against me is a man; a man with blonde hair. He has no shoes but he wears a clean white collered shirt and clean gray baggy pants. To our right is a floating cup carved with beautiful images, one of the images is a flower. In the middle of the flower is a small diamond, the diamond causes the cup to shine almost as bright as a star. Before me is the green grass and there placed on the grass are three more cups with carved images. These cups are different from the one shining on our right side, they don't seem to have a diamond in them. The cups are beautiful.
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Step 2: Gilded Tarot - 9 of Swords

Lurker turned poster. Wee


I am in a room with a black and white checkerboard ceiling whose rectangular pieces don't seem to line up properly. The effect is disorienting. The nine swords above me are grouped into three groups of three. Two of the groups are crossed near their tips at an angle: one group points directly at my chest, the other, at my feet. The final group points straight down at the trunk of my body. If these swords fall, they will pierce my entire body. I have red hair, and it is flowing because I've just bolted upright from sleep. My arms are crossed over my chest, and I'm looking down toward--but not at--my feet. I'm scared, nervous; I've just awoken from a bad dream. It's night, and there's a crescent moon outside my window. Below the moon are white clouds, and a small white bird in the distance who seems to be flying toward me. There's an owl sitting on the window sill, looking not at me but straight ahead, through the room. He seems malevolent, and blends in with the walls. Time is confused: there is a bright white light in the middle of the clouds, even though it is night. The three lit candles let off a beautiful glow, but their reach is small, really only highlighting my head. There is a source of light other than the candles that I cannot see, but it too does not extend far. The corners of the room fade to black.
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I am using the Six of Swords from The Gilded Tarot.

I am a woman, and I am wearing my finest blue robe. The blue of my robe is reminding me of my spirituality and that I can take it with me no matter where I've been, or where I'm going. I am rowing my boat across fairly tranquil waters. I have made it out of the storm, with the moon lighting my way. I am glancing off into the distance to see what is waiting for me when I reach the shore. There is a lone frog on the shore hiding in some tall grass and a fern. This looks to be a better place than where I've come from. I think that I can remain here in peace for a while from the storm. The boat I am floating in is richly adorned in gold, and I am carrying six swords with me to remind me of where I've been. The trees beside me are reminding me of the personal growth that I have achieved from the journey I've taken.
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Step 2: Hanson Roberts - Sun XIX


I am a big white horse walking outside in the sun. On my back I carry a naked chubby small child with golden hair. The child is cheerful waving a blue banner. Together, me and the child, we pass a wall of stones and sunflowers. It must be a warm day as the omnipresent sun shines and smiles on us and the beams radiate in colour on my back and manes, the child and the banner. The grass is green and the few bits of the sky still visible are blue. There is no stopping me and the child, this sunny day is ours.
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Patrick Williams 
Step 2, Le Grand Tarot Belline, L'esclave du Sceptre

I'm a young man, a messenger, sent on an uncomfortable mission. I wear the heraldic livery of my master, multi-colored in blue, green, red and gold. The message I carry is in a tube affixed to my right side. I'm in a strange land where the ground is as blue as some of my livery and the plants beneath my feet are small, odd and black. I carry a staff, but I don't seem to be using it to assist me in walking, but bear it before me as if to protect myself from the reactions that will come from the dispatching duty I must perform for my master.
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Step Two - Guilded Tarot - Three of Cups

I am one of three ladies floating in the air above three golden chalices. I have on a red dress, the other ladies are wearing blue and green dresses. We each hold a green and red ribbon in one hand and something that glows in the other. I can see the night sky above me, but over on the horizon I can see red sky and clouds.

The three chalices are gold and have an intricate design etched into them. Two of the Chalices are pouring into the third, and making it overflow. The third chalice is standing in a pool of what looks like water, but it is red / yellow / orange / gold colored.
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21 ways to read a tarot card

Step two- Baroque Bohemian Cat's Tarot, the four of wands

In front of me stands a young cat wearing a beautiful dress with a full deep red skirt and a goldish yellow bodice. She is wearing a green over jacket that has gold trim with ruffled cuffs and matching ruffled bow around her neck and adorned with a single pink rose in nearly full bloom. I can see that in her right paw she is holding up a full bouquet of pale yellow roses tied with a yellow ribbon.
Behind her I can see four young trees beginning to burst forth in bloom. There are no leaves as of yet but I can see pale pink roses on the bare branches.
There is another young cat, standing just in front of the last tree. She is dressed in an olive drab full skirt with a purple bodice and I notice a wide eyed look in her eyes.
Just behind the two cats and just above the young trees, I can see a facade on the wall with a narrow ledge. Two statues sit atop here. I see a lion laying down next to a lamb and a statue of an angel with one arm raised.
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21 Ways - Step Two

Step Two: Daughters of the Moon (B/W), Five of Flames

I am an oldish woman with strong, muscular arms & legs & somewhat saggy breasts & I'm inside the volcano. My body is outlined with thick black lines, leaving my insides looking hollow, like a conduit. My hair becomes lava which flows around me & up through me. My left arm is outstretched straight through the cone of the volcano, and lava shoots out from between my third & fourth fingers. (Isn't that a Vulcan thing?!) My right hand lays on my solar plexus or root chakra area. Lava is flowing down the sides of the volcano. There are storm clouds and lightning in the sky above me. The colors I see are lots of reds & yellows & black & charcoal grey & I see purple in there somewhere, too.
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