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ADEPT LEVEL; 21 Ways . . . Step THREE

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21 ways...Adept Level 3 RWS


1) “I am in environment that seems cold, stormy and bleak.”
Alone, a loss of a loved one?

“Sleet falls at a distance and it feels like low, ominous clouds are over my head...
A sense of dread, a feeling that something bad is going to happen or expecting bad news.?

...with only a small patch of clarity.”
may not as bad as I think - hope

“I am unbearably sad and dejected.”

“I feel wounded and am experiencing inner pain.”

“I feel cold lonely and unaware of anything except my broken hopes.”
Abandoned? Defeated?

“My attitude is poor me, nothing will ever get better.”

Behind all this a shadow part of me is dancing for joy, kicking up it’s heel and showing off.

“This shadow part of me is proud and happy and has an attitude of delight in my own or someone else’s pain.”
Possibly revenge? payback
Or a sense of justice? feeling that they got what they deserved.
Envy or jealousy? Glad this person has fallen on hard times, why?


Major Arcana

Fool: accepting, adventurous, carefree, daring, confident, enthusiastic
Magician: confident, calm, peaceful
High Priestess: reverent, serene
Empress: serene, benevolent, content
Emperor: benevolent, confident, courageous, melancholy, lonely
Hierophant: reverent, benevolent, peaceful
Lovers: expectant, hopeful, anticipatory, humble
Chariot: confident, decisive, determined
Strength: brave, confident, daring, triumphant
Hermit: humble, pensive
*Wheel: hopeful
*Justice: decisive,
*Hanged Man: I don’t feel any emotion for this card.
Death: Anticipatory, hopeful, anxious
Temperance: Reverent, serene
Devil: angry, sad, hopeless
Tower: anxious, expectant
Star: serene, hopeful
Moon: fearful, confused,
Sun: happy, hopeful, blissful, elated, festive
Judgment: anxious, anticipatory, aroused, hopeful
World: happy, ecstatic, blissful, hopeful, festive, eager

I had difficulty with the ones with asterisks
Minor Arcana

Court Cards
Pages: carefree, enthusiastic, expectant
Knights: courageous, adventurous, expectant, passionate
Queens: affectionate, adoring, desirous, respectful, serene
Kings: accomplished, courageous, decisive, adventurous

Wands: adventurous, courageous, passionate
Cups: affectionate, hopeful, sympathetic, blissful
Swords: distressed, disappointed, humiliated, despairing
Pentacles: satisfied, content, happy

Aces: aroused
Twos: hopeful, pleased, pensive
Threes: expectant, hopeful
Fours: patient, festive, pensive, satisfied
Fives: despairing, depressed, determined
Sixes: triumphant, grateful, disappointment, hopeful
Seven: determined, hopeful, expectant
Eight: impotent, insecure
Nine: content, distressed, accomplished
Ten: accomplished, happy, horrified

As everyone can see I didn’t do individual cards, this was a difficult excercise for me, because it depended on how I felt on a given day.
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step 3 - beginner's tarot (a TdM deck)

very cold, chaotic, threatened, anxious, overwhelmed, sad, dejected, wounded, hurt, lonely, hopeless
“poor me”, self-sabotaging, self-destructive, angry

overall: threatened, lonely, hopeless, angry, in emotional pain

boy, that was hard, and took a long time. in the end, i took the deck and put a yellow sticky on each card, with the emotion/idea that came up first. i realize that some of the words are not necessarily emotional labels but each word has a strong emotional content for me. good enough.

then i divided them into neutral, unpleasant and pleasant emotions. here are some observations:
pleasant emotions: 33 cards
unpleasant: 27
neutral: 18

this is probably very much a reflection of how i look at life in general.

in the pleasant category, there were seven cards in what i would generally call “strong”:
4 of cups – strong
ace of wands – very confident
strength – accomplished
magician – accomplished (yes, i had that twice, left it, also says something about me)
5 of wands – strong (i have an interesting relationship with that card!)
queen of wands – self assured
6 of pentacles – mature

in the unpleasant category, the group with the most cards in it was “chaotic”, which had four:
6 of swords – not in agreement
9 of swords – chaotic
10 0f swords – undecided
wheel of fortune – helter skelter

in the neutral category, interestingly enough, the group with the most cards in it was “order”, also four:
7 of swords – squared-up
8 of cups – balanced
9 of cups – orderly
8 of pents – all lined up

actually, writing them down, those neutrals look pretty positive to me 

the most striking patterns:

• all the queens in the “pleasant” category (surprising, because i often have no time for the queen of wands): pents: open; cups:helpful; swords: willing; wands: self-assured
• only 2 wands each in the “unpleasant” and “neutral” categories (not so surprising – i have a thing for wands); the strongest pattern could be called “strength” (a group that has the words very confident, strong, protected, self assured)
• pips almost equally distributed across the three categories (something to do with the fact that they are non-pictorial?)
• 10 majors in the “unpleasant” category and only 7 majors in the “pleasant” category
• there is a grouping that i would call “slow” that could be attributed to 7 of the majors:
o high priestess: serene
o hanged man: relaxed
o moon: dreamy
o star: sensuous
o empress:smiley
o temperance: sober
o emperor:ponderous
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