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Originally Posted by MoonGypsy View Post
i soooo love that you are loving this deck! There is a lot of great symbolism in this deck...
don't be deceived by its seemingly lightheartedness...

And i am definitely not a high school girl... But then, i have always been a fan
of Pointy my witch aunties are quick to point out.
Thanks. Maybe there is a high school girl deep down in side of me. LOL. But really such good representation of the court cards and the devil. What a nice little twist on the tower and the death card. Little nuances in the background, just an overall nice little deck. ( It was so nice to meet your aunties ). 😀
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I bought this in a store! And I do like it, though I haven't given myself much time to do anything with it yet.
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Originally Posted by greatdane View Post
I AM a shuffler and wondering if others who are as well and have this deck, feel it can stand up to shuffling. I don't mind thin stock, as long as it's fairly durable.

Lovely-looking deck, just wondering about the stock for those of us who are shufflers and may use a deck a lot.
Originally Posted by MoonGypsy View Post
Hi gd! i have the deck and since it is a Llewellyn published deck, it is not the best cardstock IMHO. But it riffle shuffles beautifully. The color may eventually chip a little on the edges, but i will probably edge treat it with Holz.

There are probably several Youtube vids describing the cardstock, etc.
I also have this deck and love it too! I just LOVE the artwork in each card! But, the card stock for me is a big disappointment. I am very careful with shuffling and will never riffle this deck! Its too flimsy and I'm fearful of tearing the card. The book is very well done too--and I love that each card is portrayed in its same beautiful colors in the book rather then just in black and white. But, its a real pain that the "note" pages are scattered so half hazardly throughout the book. no rhyme or reason to it and I can't believe it was printed that way! What WAS Llewellyn thinking?! It would have been far better to just put the note pages at the end of the book, all together or not include them at all rather then the way they did it. However, this deck is just so magical--one can't help but to fall in love with it!

Originally Posted by magicjack View Post
This deck is a strange one for me. I'm embarrassed to say I'm enjoying it! I think it looks like it was made for young high school girls. When I have read for others I feel as if I must apologise for such a silly looking girlie deck. I'm a 62 yr old man and I'm lovin it! It works effortlessly for me.
and, this just makes me think its even more magical then I thought originally! I'm so glad you shared this with us! There really is something special about this deck and I don't say that about many decks. I've seen and purchased many really good decks--but this truly is the first one that I think truly has a lot going for it--even with the flimsy card stock.

If they were to remake this deck--I hope they do so on better stock. If they do, I'll definitely purchase it again!
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The "note" pages in the book keep the format intact... for each card the color rendering is on the left side page, the interpretation on the right... however, some interpretations run to a second page (a left side page). In that case, a "note" page was added on the right to maintain the layout.

I use this deck daily as a comparative with my 3 card draw. Deck is never shuffled.
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