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Originally Posted by similia
I read this slightly differently, though in a way perhaps the same. Rather than being directed at Crowley, and trying to understand how he read this, I am reading Liber Legis, and these lines in particular as being directed at me. So I am Hadit (as each of us are) and Nuit is appealing to me to evangelize on her behalf, to all the other Hadits.
Yes, I see what you're saying and it makes sense. On one level Hadit is certainly more than any one person and I can see how each reader could apply 1.5 to themself. I was just thinking of the context in which it was received.
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I think that Nuit is talking to the readers here. I see the mention of the Warrior Lord of Thebe also as a figure to look at when performing the task..
As my first bite at the book, I think I see the HGA as the Higher Self as we are able to conceive him with our human senses. As he exists on briatic level, he is above the distinction we perceive between us and the other stars. This makes sense to me.
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On the surface this verse seems deceptively simple. But I think there's more here than meets the eye. The preceding four verses match up symbolically with the first four Sephiroth (Kether to Chesed). So here in verse 5 we should expect to see a Geburah influence.

The martial title of "warrior lord" is pretty obvious, but I think there's more to it than that. In this verse we have a named individual. In the sequence of emanations the fifth point is the step where the Universal Will of Chokmah begins to manifest as Individual Will in Geburah. Individuality is a necessary requirement for the possibilities of Nuit to be manifested. But individuality also comes with a sense of separation from the Whole. This gives rise to the appearance of so-called free will and the ability of the individual to deviate from the the Path the True Will. But for this reason the sphere of Geburah is the sphere of Karma. As the the individual deviates from the Path the Universe pushes back.

Nuit asks for "help" in her unveiling. We, as Ankh-af-na-Khonsu, are asked to cooperate in the revealing of the Divine through the ongoing process of Do what thou wilt. But things being what they are the individual frequequently obstructs and resists with 'Do what I want', thereby necessitating a bit of karmic Adjustment.

This final point is part of the reason why Geburah is sometimes viewed as a bit of a problematic sphere where things 'appear' to go wrong with the Divine Plan.
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Wow, that's an eye-opener and no mistake. As you said, the verse is deceptively simple, and I never thought of it in those terms before. I always assumed it was "help me" in the sense of "talk to the Prophet." But it does make sense, the company of heaven being not only the Thelemic pantheon but especially me and you and everyone else.
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There are 61 letters in this verse. 61 is the value of both AIN and ANI.

AIN - Not; Nothing.

ANI - I; Me; My.

In the context of this verse I find that an interesting juxtaposition.

Also this verse is 15 words long. Aside from the fact that 15 is the mystic number of Geburah, it is also the number of the Path of Heh. (Oh no! )

Warrior Lord = IV The Emperor (ANI)

Nuit Unveiled = XVII The Star (AIN)
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Wow.. so much to chew on!
I see how the expression "warrior lord", that only suggested to me pride and strenght to use as inspiration for the task of helping Nuit, is indeed connected far more usefully with the idea of the first expression of the True Will in Geburah, and I do see this in the fives of the Tarot, especially in the 5 of Swords, that is in Yetzirah.
Nuit incarnates in each one of us to experience the only thing she is missing in her perfection: imperfection.
To get experience she must "forget" her wholeness and this is the reason we live in the illusion of division, aagain expressed by Geburah.
This illusion is at the base of our "free will", the freedom to follow the will of the Ego, tricked by the illusion of division.. but the forces of the universe regularly give us a more or less delicate "push" towards the Path of our True Will, and we call this Karma.
And Geburah readily supply a convenient symbol/space for it.
I start to see how beautifully the Tree of Life works..
I loved the bit about Me and Nothing..
How we should make our rules (the one we give ourselves, the Emperor) follow fhe path designed for us when we were incarnated and the indications of our True Will (the Star).
I am planning a wisdom reading over my true will..
Because I must confess that I have no got the slightest what it is..
I really need to get down to some good old practical work.
I think I should look at my birth chart as well to see if I get any inspiration..
With all that has happened to me, I find myself at 36 at a junction where I am unespectedly free to decide what to do with my life (I know I am quite old for that but there I am..).
I fhink I am very lucky and this time I won't allow my Ego to take the reins, since I have seen where I ended up.. at least if I suffer it will be for a proper reason, not for pride or to make someone else happy..
Thanks to everyone! You do a great job by helping newcomers on this path. It's appreciated.
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