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8. The Khabs is in the Khu, not the Khu in the Khabs.

Number 8, it's a Hod verse. Join the dots...

Khabs - Star - Kokab - Mercury - The Magus - Illusion - Beth - House - Khu.

Also worth meditating on is the route taken by the Will of Chokmah to Hod.

The Star - Tiphareth - The Devil.
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Originally Posted by The Khab is in the Khu
This entire concept is of the utmost importance; it underpins absolutely everything else. Success will be extremely unlikely without a cystal clear understanding of this matter, and correct interpretation of that success will be impossible without it. It is the most important idea in all of magical literature, and is absolutely fundamental to understanding the first chapter of The Book of the Law and the true nature of Thelma.
Okay, I have a slight grasp. How do I get to crystal clear?

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As in the first two verses we have seen the "relationship" (I mean interaction) between Nuit and Hadit at a macrocosmic level, here we get to the interaction between Khabs and Khu.
The two are not directly proportional, but I found myself referring in my mind to what we have said regarding Nuit and Hadit to follow this discussion and the Essay.
Our Khabs is the (forgetful) part of Nuit that we have in ourself. It is our inner core and it actually is part of her. Our Khu is what the Khab had to build up when it "forgot" to be Nuit and got incarnated in a being that thinks to have an existence of its own.
This forgetting and thinking of being separate is expression at microcosmic level of what Hadit does at macrocosmic level.
I do see this relation Nuit/Hadit Khabs/Khu. Pls correct me if I am wrong
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