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Fairy Tale Tarot (Hunt) Study Group

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just made a new thread about ten of pentacles:

hope you can add some more things about it
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Astraea Aurora 

I wasn't aware that we have a study group for this lovely deck. Since this is my 21-days-till-Yule-Calendar deck I will post some of my thoughts about the Majors. Off to start a thread about 12 Entrapment ...

Astraea Aurora
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The more I know, I know that I know NOTHING!
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In early October I found my brand new Lisa Hunt Fairy Tale Tarot for half price in a book store, that was closing its door due to extensive fire damage.
I was/ is in perfect condition and - well, I better not tell you about all the other bargains found there....
I put it into our family altar - for when I have time to looooook at it and enjoy the stories.
then I read here, that one member wants to read one fairy tale card a day throughout December. What a nice ides! Doing that would open up the Mayors to me up to the Winter Solstice!
But December 1st came and went - I had NO time!
Finally, On December 7th, after the last school teaching circle was done I decided, that I neeeeeed a little reward and opened the package.
What fun and joy!
The cards have no borders!!!!!
I started reading the book - up to the place, when Lisa advises her followers to FIRST looooook closely at the cards and feel deep inside the image for its message and personal meaning to us.
That is, what I now do!
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I'm posting in this thread to let ya'll know I'm going to be doing an IDS on this deck starting January 1st. I'm planning on doing a card every 2 weeks to a month, and I will be posting my journaling/thoughts here (if it's alright?) as well as on my blog most likely. It'd be awesome if some of you others who have this gorgeous deck could share your thoughts as well =)
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I just bought this deck as an app (thank you Fool's Dog) and I can't wait to read all the tales the author chose for her deck and relate them to the cards and their meanings.

Each time I will take the time to read a tale, I will try to analyze it a bit and add up to the threads that were already started in here (and create new ones when needed).

The study has been abandoned for a while but may it be revived!
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