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Shadowscapes Tarot: Page of Swords

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Shadowscapes Tarot: Page of Swords

On this card we can see a winged woman in the sky, petting a swan on her lap. Around her are all kinds of black and white swans. The woman is holding a sword upright.

In my opnion, it seems like the woman could be sitting on an (invisible) swing. The sword can even be seen as part of that swing, and for this card just feels very free. The card seems to tell me to go my own way, and that it will work.

Also when looking at the swans in the bottom corner of the card, it almost seems as if the black swan is giving the white swan a flower. I'm not to sure what to think of that, so I'd love to hear some more opinions about it.
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I love the Shadowscapes page of swords. She has been very near and dear to my heart these last few months as I have struggled with some anxiety, and she has helped to remind me to remain strong and fight through the fog of distrust and paranoia.

The girl herself has a gem or a design placed between her brows, in the "third eye" position as seen often in Middle Eastern regions. This to me solidifies this princess underlying spiritual beliefs. Though she may be quick and to the point, at times emotionless and stubborn, she is very true to her heart and knows where her faith lies.

The sword and swan remind me of the classic design of the Justice card. The Page holds the sword in one hand, upright and strong, glowing with power, with the fragile cygnet cradled in her lap (which reminds me of the delicate scales, so precariously balanced with pure souls), with a calm and unbiased expression on her face. The justice card traditionally speaks of truth seeking, and knowing all the facts before making a rational decision. This also sings a similar tune with the Page of Swords (and most of the swords in general, which often call for honesty.)

Come to think of it, there are quite a few similarities between the Justice card in the Shadowscapes deck and this Page. Both have flaming red hair, both have designs in the third eye, and both have the two-tone wings. The Justice figure has white wings with black undersides, while the page has white wings with gold. This to me makes this page feel very fragile and pure, almost the "little sister" or perhaps apprentice of the Justice figure. She seems so young and untainted, untarnished by the hardships and sins the Justice figure has seen.

The Shadowscapes book talks about the black and white swans, and how it calls to mind an image of a yin yang, the duality aspect. This also shows the purity and faith of this princess, how she can see through all shades of black and white, all shades of grey, not seeing things just one way or another. This is a touch bit different from the Justice card in my opinion. The justice card seems very black and white to me, either right or wrong, no middle ground. This page is more flexible, able to see the whole issue. The chrysanthemum is a symbol of optimism, hope, and friendships. The black swan giving this gift to the white swan reinforces that idea of duality and blending opposites.

Just my two cents =]
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Shadowscapes: Page of Swords

So I started doing tarot a few months ago using the Rider Waite. I do think it's great for beginners but I didn't really connect to it on a soul level. For Christmas I got a couple more decks including the Pagan Otherworlds deck. It's gorgeous but I think it's a bit advanced for me at this point. Another one that I got was Shadowscapes. Wow, when I looked at the cards I completely connect. I recently discovered that aeclectic had developed a story for each of the major arcana cards and I found that really useful to grasp the meanings. When I look at the shadowscape tarot the stories pour out of the cards. For a couple of days now I have been relaying the story in my head before connecting them but today I decided to write it down. The card that I pulled today was the page of swords. Here's a link if you're unfamilar:

Anyway, this is the story that was inspired by the page of swords. It's a bit long so thanks for participating. Sorry for any bad grammar or mispellings. I typed this up in a hurry. I'd love to hear if anyone does anything with cards as well and see example!

A young women set off with the morning dew on a quest. She was seeking something in particular yet she wasn't sure what it was. Full of energy, she ran through the forest. Not too long passed when she came upon a necklace. The page thought, "This must be what it is. What luck!" She reached for the necklace but a fox came and grabbed it first. She yelled at the fox, "Excuse me, Mr. Fox, but that necklace is mine. I am on a quest to find this and you have taken it from me." The fox looked at her blankly and said, "If this is what you were meant to find I would not have gotten to it first." He took the necklace and ran off. The page was distraught. When she saw the necklace she was sure that it was meant for her. Why else would she find such a sparkly necklace if it was not meant for her. However maybe the fox was right. She continued on a bit jaded but still hopeful that she would find whatever the quest had in mind for her. Soon she came to a brook. Upon looking she saw a beautiful jewel encrusted ring. SHe knew then this was what she was meant to find. She stuck her hand in the brook but a fish came in and scooped up the ring before she could grab it. "Excuse me, Mr. Fish," said the page, "but that ring was meant for me. I am on a quest that has led me to thiis ring." Mr. Fish replied, "Oh, I did not know. Please pardon me. If the quest has brought you to this ring I must certainly give it to you." The girl's emotions soared. She was on top of the world. She put the ring off and set off back home. Her quest now completed. However as she was walking the ring kept slipping off. It was far too big for her! The page threw the ring into the forest and began to cry. She was a complete failure and would never complete her quest. A worthless thing. After crying and feeling sorry for herself she noticed that she felt no better. She began to ponder her quest. Had she really expected an item simply to find her? Without giving any thought or wonderment as to what it might be? "Feeling badly for myself does not make me feel better and neither does giving up," she spoke. "I have ideas and wants. Thoughts and things to say that are too deep inside of me to know yet. If I reflect upon them maybe one day they will speak to me. My quest must be ongoing. Is that its purpose?" She got up not knowing her exact purpose or direction but with hope that her mind would lead her in the right direction. Soon she came into a clearing. On a vast lake, swans danced gracefully about. They had found a way to communicate with each other effortlessly. A baby swan, she noticed, was trying to dance, but was awkward in comparison. She went up and petted the little swan. "You and I are very similar, little one. We are both still ignorant of so many things. But, if we keep at it, we will one day be full of knowledge like those around us. It will take much time but if we persevere we will get there." At that moment a sword appeared. It was a simple sword, not as lovely or lavish as the necklace and ring. But she knew it was meant for her, not because she wanted it but to continue on her quest for truth. Her quest was not ending but beginning in this moment. No sooner had she thought the thought that the swans began to flutter their wings around the page and little swan. They enveloped her and carried her into the heavens. There she pondered on all she had learned that day. She was ready to continue her quest. Wherever her mind will take her.
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