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Starchild Tarot Study Group: 6. The Lovers.

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Starchild Tarot Study Group: 6. The Lovers.

Ok, let's discuss The Lovers! A card that looks very different in the two different editions...

This is one of few cards where I very much prefer the original edition's depiction! It gives the whole soulmate vibe that I like about The Lovers (at least in the RWS versions). It's like two people coming together to become one... And at the same time something bugs me about the clothes the persons are wearing in this card! What's with the disco shorts?! I would've prefered something more neutral.

On to the Akashic version... I don't get this card to be honest. They're just standing there with pets looking like they're accusing you of not being a good vegan. :/

Anyone loving the Akashic Lovers?! Please help me understand that card lol I really don't like it, but I really want to like it!

Any other thoughts? Does this deck show The Lovers as you prefer it? A lot of us seem to either prefer the "choice" version of this archetype, or prefer the soulmate version, which one do you go for?
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I just received this deck last week and I'm really enjoying the process of getting to know it. The artwork is stunning and it feels very intuitive to read with. That said The Lovers is one of the few cards that I don't click with. I have the Akashic version and did a quick google search for the 1st Edition. I must say that I think it has a far better concept. For the Akashic I just... don't understand what this image is trying to convey. I can't connect with the symbolism or trace back an idea to The Lovers archetype. There is such a feeling of apathy, a lack of passion or closeness between the two people. Their stare looks so judgemental. I too am hoping to hear from someone who has a better understanding of this card! Is there anyone out there who likes it or at least feels they "get it"?
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I don't have the deck but this is one of the cards I liked. It seems more substantial to me than some of the cards where the women have wispy, vague expressions.

What I feel about the card is that these two people have been misunderstood by others, excluded and thought of as strange and different. They are both starseeds, not from here, and it can be so hard to fit in. The man looks like he has a kind, whimsical soul but has learned to present a "front" to the world so as to not get hurt. The woman has been hurt to the point of damage by some of the problematic aspects of living here. The man shows her much love and she will get softer, more balanced, in time when she feels safer.

Together, they are a tribe of two. Others think they are weird with their bat-eared pets and out of date hairstyles but they revive each other with love and protect each other which sometimes means being skeptical of other people. The card doesn't just apply to love relationships but to finding your tribe or soul-cluster, and understanding each other beyond appearances.
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I love your interpretation Myrrha! I wish my brain worked like yours.

I have the Akashic version and there are several cards that I preferred in the first deck. I wish I had both!

I completely agree with Citrin that the Akashic edition of this card is very difficult to relate to. And the first edition one was so dreamy and "soul-mate" looking. I really liked it.

Anyway, I appreciate the interpretation above, it will definitely help me work with this card in the future.

I would love to talk more about this deck. Can we start an actual study group thread for it? I'm new here. I don't know how things work.
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