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Mystical Cats Tarot - Demon Cat XV (The Devil)

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Mystical Cats Tarot - Demon Cat XV (The Devil)

A yellow-eyed cat with a black and silky short-haired coat is sitting on the ground with their mouth wide open, as if they were hissing or screaming. We should note that except for the 'hissing' mouth and the dilated pupils, this cat doesn't show any of the typical signs an angry or scared cat would display. They're sitting in a straight manner, the tail wrapped around the body, hair is not ruffled at all and their ears are not flattened.
They have the characteristics of the Bombay cat, a breed always displaying a silky black shorthair coat with yellow/golden eyes, but it might have been fortuitous.
They're sitting on a dead bird, one of their paws laying on it with their claws out. I will take a wild guess with the identification and say it's probably a dove or pigeon.
The ground and top background are a greyish color. There is a diffuse red and orange halo surrounding the cat, along with some tangled thorny brambles.

Colors : For me, the red and orange halo catch the attention in contrast with the black of the cat and the grey of the background.

Despite what its name could imply, the Demon Cat card is not about one kind of cat or person in particular. As all cats have the potential to become the Demon Cat, we all have the potential to become a lost soul. The author warns us : "Avoid situations where you may be tempted away from your proper path." That wrong path might include any action or decision that could be harmful to others but also yourself.

Symbols :

Black cat : There is an old but stubborn belief about black cats being associated with the Devil and other evil creatures. Depending on the country, you might hear they are an omen of illness or misfortune, a spirit or even a witch in disguise.

Dove/pigeon bird : Doves (white ones especially) are a common symbol for love, peace and the holy spirit (in Christianity). Pigeons in general symbolize home, security and the ability to overcome obstacles. Here it has been killed by the Demon Cat, so it would symbolize the loss of those things.

Dead bird : Death in general represents an ending and the prospect of a new beginning. Dead birds in particular are often interpreted as a loss of freedom.

Grey ground and background : It seems the cat is in an arid location, without any life around. It's quite dark and dull, representing the absence of hope and positiveness.

Red and orange halo : Colors symbolizing danger. Emphasizes the hell/demonic feel of the card.

Thorny brambles : A quite menacing vision, common symbol of danger and hardships.
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