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Mystical Cats Tarot - Good Kitty XX (Judgement)

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Mystical Cats Tarot - Good Kitty XX (Judgement)

What looks like a Chartreux is lying on a tufted round patchwork cushion, their head turned upwards. Right above them we can see the ghostly silhouette of a cat, golden yellow in color and outlined by white 'sparkles'. We only see its face and both front paws. Their eyes are green and they seem to be wearing a head crown. A bright spot of light marks the place where a pendant would lie.
The floor is made of white marble.

Colors : The golden yellow catches the attention a lot.

Without the help of the book, I would have been at a loss here. I learned there that the golden cat represents the Cat Goddess, who ''has blessed us and told us we are worthy of praise []''.
Indeed, as cat lovers, we know how they sometimes seem to misbehave on purpose, but we love them anyway. They feel the same about themselves and in parallel, this card is telling us to ''[l]ook clearly at your errors and your failings, then forgive yourself and release any blame or shame.''
Story made short, it's time to judge (assess) yourself so you can resume your life journey and try to become a better person as you learn.

Symbolism :

Chartreux : Like a couple of other breeds, for example the Russian Blue, Chartreux cats are known for their naturally smiling face. It's quite fitting for the Good Kitty card, as this cat does seem to be happy with themselves.

Cushion : Related to comfort, resting time. We can tell this card does not involve being active physically. The work will be introspective.

Golden yellow : Yellow is a very positive color, representing life and optimism. It's a very bright and warm yet not aggressive color, which fits quite nicely for a representation of a deity.

Head crown : Reminded me of the Empress cat. The Cat Goddess is like the mother of all kitties. Also, crowns are associated with figures of authority, including deities.

'Light spot' pendant : It might be a stretch, but the focus on this point made me think about the 3rd eye chakra. Since this chakra is about being able to use your intuition and gaining spiritual insight, I think it's appropriate anyway.

White marble : Old symbol of purity and immortality. In lithotherapy, marble stones are used for mental clarity, protection and to help with the stability and structure of the mind.
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