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Fostha  Fostha is offline
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I had my tattoo done there few years ago now,hadn't noticed it on the cards until recently,my daughter designed the tattoo with my childrens names,one in each star,and after studying the deck over the last year,ive noticed the lovers card,(bad choices made),and how i can really understand it,and now,i feel just like that q.o.s. i'll not let anyone hurt me like that again.Its one of them choices you never forget,but it makes you the person you are today.Lovely card.
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JulieK  JulieK is offline
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I do love this deck.

I have had it such a long time and although I have just started reading the cards I always loved the imagery on these cards - especially how they interlink.

Like Queen of Swords and the Lovers already mentioned. But also the six and seven of cups.

I think my favourites have to be the 3 of wands, the hermit , the high priestess and 3 of cups. Today anyway - on different days I seem to have different favourites.

I love the 3 of cups as the couple are like dancers mid dnace, but they look so comfortable in each others company without trying - effortless like a dancer makes a dance look. The scenery is lovely and the boat hints of a journey ahead, or a journey they have taken which looks like it could have been difficult.

I like the hermit as the card is just such a beautiful card - can't comment on it's meanings yet I haven't got to looking at the majors in great detail

I like the high priestess - she is all encompassing , you have night and day, sky and see, no land but her clothes are green which reminds me of trees and vegetation, you have the alpha to omega. It is like she is not one seperate things but instead embodies them all at once. Then you have the cresent moon. She is the maiden and the chrone - wise yet young . She also look fearless.

The 3 of wands I love the imagery - but this is not a suit I have looked at yet and I find it hard to draw a meaning from it. Maybe she is my goal but I am still working out how to get there - she looks so in tune, in control and elegant but she looks comfortable in her surroundings.
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