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Tree of Life spread with all cards

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Chrissy  Chrissy is offline
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Tree of Life spread with all cards

I have read once of a Tree of Life spread using all 78 cards. However, I am a little apprehensive of attempting this on my own. Has anyone heard of, or tried this particular method? I would appreciate any comments or advice anyone has to offer.
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Hi, Chrissy! Welcome!

I've done this spread before for a friend who was in another country at the time. This was the only way I would do this spread because it is so detailed and it takes a very long time to do! Since I was communicating with her by email, I could take breaks from the reading when my poor little brain was full, and come back to it in a fresh state of mind later. I really wouldn't want to try it for someone in person until I was very familiar with the spread.

My friend did find this spread very useful, however. She was wondering at the time whether she should stay at her current job or look for another one (which meant moving to another country). Because the reading is so detailed, what I ended up seeing in the reading was kind of a 'value-check' on her life. We were able to talk about what she valued the most, what was important to her and her husband in raising their children, what valuable life skills she brought to a job and what she still needed to when the reading was done, she had a kind of checklist as to what she would need from a job and a new location for herself and her family.

I don't have my books in front of me, but I believe that I found the spread I used in Rachel Pollack's 78 Degrees of Wisdom. I can try to condense it into a forum-friendly format (it's very long) if you don't have that book and want a reminder on how it goes.

It's funny, but we're going to be doing a Study Group about that Rachel Pollack book in the Talking Tarot message group. You're welcome to join...I'm sure we'll get to talking about this spread eventually!


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~Looks at Melvis and grins~ it is in the book is it not? and now we know you have experience with the spread so you betcha that we will discuss in our 78 DW study group ~snickers and makes a note on her secretary pad~

Please do join the study group in the "Talking Tarot" forum ... a lot of people have said they want to participate so it should be really full of information and good Tarot conversation.

Love & Light,
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