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What makes a good spread?

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What makes a good spread?

Hi all!

I came to think about another thing today, what is it that makes one spread better than others - in your personal opinions, of course, we're all bound to be different I suppose...

To me I think it has to be that it gives a full picture, without being specific "in absurdum", so that you will give an overview of your situation (or the situation of the person you're reading for of course) and still allow for alternative actions, advice, options etc. I rather do a spread that shows me the pro's and con's, than one that says "do this" - because knowing me I know I'll do as I want to anyway, I just want to know what I'm dealing with.

This of course depends on the issue, I know that. I'm just curious about how you guys feel and what you thinks constitutes a "good" spread, as opposed to a bad one...!

Light and love,
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I think a good spread is one that is simple, not to long, and has that special concept that makes people tick.
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Smile My own....

I found that spreads I develop (think about, write I don't change my mind halfway through the reading.. ) or elaborate on work well for me. Its an extension of my energy that I put into the reading and it makes it better... I do the same thing with cooking and sometimes the tripe that passes for food wouldnt be eaten by a flounder.... but my readings go much better.
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I don't know that there's one spread that is better for everyone or for every question. I think it's pretty individual. Some folks love the Celtic Cross and use it almost exclusively. Others prefer three card spreads like You/Other/Need to Know or Past/Present/Future. There are books of many different spreads...maybe because we're all looking for that "perfect" spread. I have spreads that are developed by a deck's creator specifically for that deck.

I think what makes one spread better than another is how it resonates with the reader and the client, how it fits and supports the question/situation, how much time is available for the reading...etc.

I like the idea of creating one's own spreads so that it matches with your individuality as a reader and so that you are very comfortable with postions and how the cards relate to one another within the spread.

So many spreads, and probably as many different opinions as to what makes a better spread. I'm interested to see what others have to say.

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