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christmas goodies exchange

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Join Date: 17 May 2005
Location: Indianapolis, IN
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This definately sounds like fun! Count me in please!

Name: Daizdy

Sex: Female

Path: I stray too much to really know what path I'm on...

Element: Water, Cancer

Fave Colors: Purple, Red

Magical Likes: Tarot and tarot books, would like to have books on reversals and court cards. I'm also developing an interest in scrying but don't have the guts to actually do anything yet...LOL

Crystals: Not into this

Animals: Not into animal figurines (any figurine for that matter) or things with imprints of animals. I do love bird-watching though and also, dragonflies and butterflies.

Favorite Scents: I like soft, powdery scents. Liz Taylor's White Diamonds for example or something like vanilla musk.

Vegatarian: Nope.

Shipping: US (I'm poor too Kimee )

More Useful Facts: I love vintage cookie or candy tins with a floral or landscape scene imprinted on them. Snowglobes with unusal objects in them (not common themes). Tiny gold ball earrings (I lost mine) or any small earrings. I don't like things with a holiday theme.

Great idea Sunshinelvr! Thanks!
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Join Date: 26 May 2005
Location: Derby, U.K
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Great Idea!

Name: Sagewriter/Amelia

Sex: Female

Path: I'm still searching

Element: I'm Saggitarius so I suppose Fire, but I think I am more of an Earthy person.

Fave Colors: I love purple and green (hence me loving lavendar plants!)

Magical Likes: tarot, candles, stones/crystals, books, inscense, bags/boxes, pendulums, scrying, auras, regression, past lives, lucid dreaming, pretty much everything!

Crystals (I'd like to have, but not limited to): Amethyst, Smokey/Clear/Milky Quartz, Larimar (am still searching for some!), Celestite, Angelite, Ametrine, pretty much anything except Agate, Onyx and Selenite.

Animals: ooh, so many! Dolphins, Humpback Whales, Orcas, and to a lesser extent Seahorses and Hummingbirds.

Favorite Scents: lavendar, sandalwood. Just nothing sweet or floral really!

Vegatarian: not really. i don't particularly like meat, only chicken, turkey, and mince (if it's with pasta). even then I try and have free range/organic but it's far too expensive!

Shipping: U.K

More Useful Facts: I'm not overly girly, and am not a fan of pink, but I still like feminine things! I adore unicorns, faeries and mermaids (I never grew up!) I have a thing about boxes, I love little wooden boxes, all beautifully carved, I just can't help from buying them! I just like wood to be honest
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Join Date: 30 Jun 2002
Location: East Anglia, UK
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Thumbs up

Don't usually do Xmas but this does sound like fun, so count me in.

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Join Date: 04 Apr 2005
Location: Sky of Three Roads
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ooh ooh *waves hand in air*

Can I be in too? I'm in Australia, but am happy to ship anywhere
My profile...
Great Idea!

Name: Princess_Lucy / Lucy Walter

Sex: Female

Path: My own kind of pagan one

Element: Fire - Aries

Fave Colors: Red, silver and indigo

Magical Likes: Tarot, crystals, herbs, amulets, charms, spells, incence, essential oils, candles, runes, wishing stones, poppets

Crystals (I'd like to have, but not limited to): Moonstone, bloodstone, lapis lazuli

Animals: Fireflies and dragonflies

Favorite Scents: Any essential oils... nothing synthetic

Vegatarian: Nope

Shipping: Australia

More Useful Facts: I'm very earthy and fiery. I love my world to be filled with handmade stuff - it means more to me than shop bought things... so whoever I send to - expect lots of lucy-made pressies!

This sounds so very fun! Excited excited excited *jumping up and down*

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Join Date: 01 Mar 2005
Location: Floating in an ocean of dreams
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Exchange Profile

Name: Emeraldgirl

Sex: Female

Path: whatever appeals at the time

Element: Water

Fave Colors: Blue or anything bright and jewel like.

Magical Likes: tarot ,stones, candles, incense, just about anything...

Crystals: any as long as they are given with love

Animals: wolf, dolphin, horse

Favorite Scents: patchouli, sandlewood, ylang ylang

Vegatarian: nope

Shipping: would wide

More Useful Facts: I am pretty easy to please I love handmake jewellery and I love things that people have drawn/painted themselves.
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Join Date: 06 Aug 2005
Location: UK
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Woohooo!!!! Im so excited.....

Name: Shikha Agarwal.

Sex: Female.

Age: 21 years.

Path: no path in particular but find the witchy path very intriguing.

Element: Im an Aquarian. so i guess my element would be Air.

Fav colours: black, purple, dark blue, brown.

Magical likes: tarot,oracle,runes,wishing stones,crystals,witchy and magical books, candles,incense,crystal ball,past lives,tarot pouches or bags, charm amulets.

Crystals: amethyst, rose quartz, sapphire,moonstone..dont have a problem with any crystal.

Animals: dogs, swans, rabbits,unicorns,dolphins.

Fav Scents: ylang ylang, lavender, patchouli, anything flowery or fruity.

Vegetarian: nope.

Shipping: worlwide. mostly US or Uk.

More useful facts: i love anything that people would give with love. i would love witchy things,tarot or oracle deck as these things are not available in india at all...
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Perpetual Learner

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Allrighty then, I'm jumping on the wagon with the profile. It feels fair to share since so many others are and I've taken pleasure in reading about you all.

Exchange Profile

Name: Eco / Eva-Karin

Sex: Female

Path: Something a little pagan-esque, though I revel in reading about gods and goddesses and various ways of reaching out to them. Trying out rituals for size whenever they feel sortof right..

Element: Water. Very water, so the others help balance me out.

Fave Colors: Mostly depends on the time of year.. I like them all provided they're not too gaudy or trying to take over things too much.
Oranges, blues and yellows are following me around the most now but none are excluded.

Magical Likes: Just about anything, as long as it comes with a short description on what it's for. Ritual objects like athames, bowls, herbs etc are all of interest.

Crystals: Any, as long as they're given with some thought and good intentions.

Animals: Creepy crawlies.. I like amphibians, probably mainly due to my water-nature. Frogs, lizards, snakes and other scaley things. And turtles..

Favorite Scents: Heavy scents that are not too sweet. My latest fave is Nag Champa (which is a mix ofcourse). In non-concentrated form, the smell of lilacs and grass give me a happy-buzz.

Vegatarian: Nope, though I do like vegetarian food.

Shipping: Worldwide

More Useful Facts: I have a vivid curiosity to anything that's a little "different" and "off the charts". Handmade items and things that are not massproduced (atleast in my part of the world) are at the top of my likes-list.
Kooky, strange, odd and funky - that's a good summary of things that catch my attention.
Oh, and I like cemetarys and other so called scary places too. For me, they're peaceful and reminders of things past, there to help us find calm and take in lessons learned from earlier times.
Other religions and places of worship are equally interesting since they provide a fresh look at things from a spiritual perspective.
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Guiding Cauldron 

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Talking xmas exchange profile

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Guiding Cauldron 

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oh !

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Join Date: 03 Jun 2003
Location: A State of Grace...and Cheese
Posts: 9,396

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Name: Chronata /Robyn

Sex: Female

Path: eclectic

Element: all of them

Fav. Colors: Earth tones, jewel tones, turquoise, aqua, magenta, purple

Magical Likes: divination and oracles, religious icons (all religions) Faeries! Animals, Rituals.

Crystals:anything and everything! but I love citrine,garnet, amber, opal, rainbow moonstone...anything of a changeable nature.

Animals: sheep, crows, dragonflies, hawks, rabbits, arctic foxes

Fav scents: Jasmine, clary sage, patchoulli, sandalwood, amber,woodsy and herbal scents...I HATE fruity scents!

Vegan: Nope

Shipping: Being broke...would prefer the US...but really, I can ship anywhere!

More Useful Facts: I am way non traditional when it comes to Christmas ...but I do like Victorian and Rennaisance styles in Christmas decorations. Last year's tree was pirate themed...and I have a constant mardi gras tree as well. I love everything...and pretty much collect everything too. I love Theatre, art, fortune telling, and carnivals.
oh...and surprises...I love those too!
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