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Hanson Roberts - 7 of Pentacles

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This is my favourite working deck so hope you dont mind if I join in! I see this guy/woman as being tired and weary of their given situation. They may feel that they have worked hard and intensely at the cause but for things to move forward they may need a more positive approach. Added to this they may need to consider other individuals perspectives as during this time individuals can become self-absorbed.

Recently this card came up following an argument that a friend had with her husband, as people become busy with their own lives, they forget to put time and energy into what is really important to them, I have no doubt as soon as the energies are focused in the right direction the balance will be regained again and we will be well on our way to the Eight of Pentacles!
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Good point, Belly-B, and welcome! I love it when people post concrete examples of how the cards have worked for them in the past--it's very helpful to see the range and depth of these cards!

Please feel free to jump in on the other threads, as well.
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Originally Posted by Lurea_aure
Good point, Belly-B, and welcome! I love it when people post concrete examples of how the cards have worked for them in the past--it's very helpful to see the range and depth of these cards!
This is very important and only after you mentioned it I realized I have not provided examples (at least can remmeber...) I'll consider this point for the study groups. Thank you.
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I agree with previous posters that this young man has put in lots of hard work, but he still needs to show some patience for his crops to become fully mature. Not only that, but then there will be the work of harvesting the crops, possibly canning, storing, etc., etc., he knows his work is far from over. But what is that behind him? Just over his shoulder to the right? It looks like a spot of land that has been cleared of rocks, cultivated, ready for to plant a new crop. I hope he does not lose focus, moving on to the next project and abandoning the current one when it is so close to fruition (as I so often do ).
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this guy to me looks annoyed. He seems to feel the way I do every day doing dishes, laundry, picking up, making dinner.....over and over again.

this doesn't say "gardening" to me, it says "farming" which is a completely different thing. Gardening is fun, yes, it can be hard work, but it can also be relaxing.
farming on the other hand is a lot of hard work that has to be repeated over and over again, every season without fail or you won't survive. ....especially if this is your only means of taking care of your family. yes, it can be fun, and rewarding.....but overall it's a lot of hard work that has to be repeated over and over again.

it's so easy to get caught in that way of thinking......dishes again? laundry again? harvest again? and if you aren't careful it can remind you of what comes next, over and over, the clothes are going to get dirty again, the dishes are going to get used again, the seasons come without fail (one hopes)

to me this says "be in the moment" try not to think about tomorrow and just do the task in front of you. one foot in front of the other.

or maybe, depending on the spread position, it could be a reminder to take a break once in awhile. don't forget the joy of life too, not just the drudgery.
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