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What should beginners do?

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aville  aville is offline
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Question What should beginners do?

the problem is I want to learn about Tarot. I am a beginner. but I cant buy a book
Please tell me what I should do, and the basics.
Sorry if I posted this in wrong place
Good guys, please help me :d
Good day to you all!
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Milfoil  Milfoil is offline
Bending Clouds
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Bending Clouds

Well, you've come to the best place to start your quest.

Try here:

for a superb introduction to learning tarot and basically just ask away! Anything you are not sure of or want clarification on - there is always someone who can help.

Do you have have a deck to learn with or are you still looking?

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crazelion  crazelion is offline
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Go to your local library to see if they have books you check to learn tarot from. I know I have got number of books from my local library on tarot.

Another afford place to check out the used bookstores in your area to see if they have cheap tarot books to.
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That learntarot site mentioned above is excellent and you can learn at your own pace. If you want pretty much the same course with the ability to comment (outside of this site) check out the Barnes & Noble bookstore URL, they have a free tarot course every 3 or 4 months that they run through their 'university' site. You sign up for it and use the Rider Waite deck.

I've seen good tarot books at our Half Price Bookstore for under $5, and you can always find low cost books on ebay going for a few bucks (but watch the shipping fees!). Our library didn't have much, unfortunately, outside of two books on spreads. Yours may be better equiped.
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thinbuddha's Avatar
thinbuddha  thinbuddha is offline
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thinbuddha's Avatar

Get a deck if you don't already have one. You can finc them for pretty cheap if you look in the right place.

If you don't have access to a deck, it's kinda like saying you want to learn about fishing, but don't have access to water.

The next step would be to study the deck- I think (just my opinion, you understand) that you should do this for quite a while before you even look in the "LWB" (little white book) to see what the card supposedly means. It may take you an afternoon, or it may take you a few weeks- but make sure you take a good long look at each and every card. I suggest writing down what you think it might mean before ever cracking any book open to see what it is "supposed" to mean. Make it mean something to you before letting the opinions or official word get in the way of your intuition.

After doing all this, check out the websites. There are a lot of sites out there. Most focus solely on individual card meanings. This is all well and good, but the real trick is figuring out how to interpret several cards together- "reading" the interactions is what really starts to give meaning to a spread- if you only know that such and such card means "change"..... well, your readings aren't going to make a lot of sense to you. You have to find a way to fill in the empty spaces between the cards and their meanings.

I'd suggest (and this will be easy if you don't have lots of money) sticking with one deck until you get bored of it or (even better) until you *know* it pretty well.

All that said- I have no idea how to read tarot cards well..... so take my advise with a big old chunk of salt.

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HI! definitely posted in the right place.

Everyone learns in different ways...and at thier own paces...
but here's my suggestions...

Click on the "learn"(under the little sword) icon at the top of the forum home page...and read all of Thirteen's fabulous interpretations.

Then, buy a deck, buy a blank spiral notebook, and spend some time just going through each card.

Write down any impressions you have, or stories that come to mind. Be as creative as you want to be. Just write down what you see in each card. Or write about what you don't see. Write about what you feel ,smell, hear in each card. Write about what significance certain numbers have for you.

I find that this is one of the best ways to really learn, because now you are connecting with the cards on a personal level.

Then...when you have a notebook full of your own scrawls...go back to Thirteen's...or any of the interpretations from learntarot .com...or any other place...and compare your notes.

Add some meanings you find relevant to your own already written, intuitive ones.

You can do this several times too.

This is how I learned tarot...and one of the ways I also teach tarot.

It may not be the best way for you to learn the cards...but it's truly worth giving it a try.
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Just a note: the new BNU course for Tarot started today.
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Welcome to Aeclectic, Aville!

You've received some very good advice, which should keep you busy a while. I would recommend you start with these threads, which will give you some great advice to learn tarot without books, written by a long-term reader on this forum:

Umbrae's Process Series
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huredriel  huredriel is offline
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Hi and welcome , I don't have any books, still don't ..... books are not mandatory ....... lots of good suggestions here ...... also I would recommend reading Thirteen's description of the Major and Minor Arcana here

x Huredriel
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AND don't forget the Study Groups areas and the RWS Study Group for insights and ideas of various things the cards can mean in addition to Thirteen's.
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