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Victorian Flower Oracle: Mimosa

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Barbaras Ahajusts 
Victorian Flower Oracle: Mimosa


Just a beautiful tree or shrub, this one! My mother had one in her yard, here in the general area, where we live in Texas. She got it from her mother, in Oklahoma.
Her tree reminded me of mama. A transplant of Oklahoma to Texas. A gentle beauty that was greatly influenced by her surroundings. Although sensitive to touch, winds and seasons, mother & the Mimosa brought their own unique beauty to their world.

Touch can cause her leaves to curl up & winds can blow their tiny wisps of their flower to the 4 corners of the world.
Everyone loves to see their beautiful flowers bloom in the summer, but no one can hold them for to long.
They are a gentle beauty, best to be adore without handling the flowers. Admire, but don't cut & try to keep in ones home. Mimosa prefers to adorn nature.

Let her stand on her own without trying to change her. She knows her own limitations.

(.traveller. I do hope you don't mind me doing the Mimosa. I just love this flowery tree/shrub!)
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Thumbs up Go Barbara!

Yay! Someone posted a thread!

I think this puts us a little past the halfway mark.
*edit Just checked, this puts us at 19 cards. One more will be the halfway point.

Love the scent of these flowers on the tree form.
The way Mimosa shrinks away from the smoking beetle and that gigantic slug pretty much says it all. Some people or situations are just more sensitive than others, I know I am although I do eventually acclimatise myself.
For instance, people sensitive to odors will recoil from strong odors whether or not the scent is pleasant or foul. It has nothing to do with whether they like someone or not... but one tends to feel less guilty if the source of the odor is disliked.
I think we all have our hot buttons, things we are touchy about and this card seems to indicate this to me.
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Barbaras Ahajusts 

Originally Posted by .traveller.
Yay! Someone posted a thread!
OHHHH! I'm so glad! I have been looking forward to each morning, to reading your threads on these cards & responding to them! I will continue on if it's ok!

Originally Posted by .traveller.
...I think we all have our hot buttons, things we are touchy about and this card seems to indicate this to me.
Ahhhh! I like this train of thought!
How many times have I jerked back from a scent of someone or thing to come to realize that was just my shock factor, my instant reaction; not necessary my long term opinion!
Keep the doors open, there can be more there!

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Sure! Post as many as you want, I had to take a break. I was posting cards as I pulled them in readings, but then Violet started coming up over and over and I got stuck.

I added Mimosa to the directory, though I notice that we still haven't been added to the Study Group directory. I pm'd Sheri a while back when we started and she said everything was cool, but....

We've been added! Yay!
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I used to live on the corner of Mimosa St. in London, and the back of my flat opened up onto the large mimosa tree that gave its name to the street (once was lined with them, ours was the last). During the flowering season, it filled the flat with the gorgeous fresh scent of its blossoms, and in summer it lent us shade. That scent and shade gave me such joy, consolation and simple daily pleasure. I think of mimosa as an empathetic, angelic tree, almost - and it was not by chance that the few times I've had the privilege of hearing my guardian angel, I have smelt mimosa, even when none was flowering around.

By the Mediterranean, it is a winter-early spring tree - ushering in the warmer days. Though it is sensitive, it is also resilient.
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OK so don't hit me when you read some of my perceptions *LOL*. From what I gathered after reading the Mimosa section of the companion book the Mimosa is a "creeper" not the tree (apparently over 300 types of mimosa). I did not have the tree in mind (or radar screen) when I worked with this card. Like all of you I love the tree. We used to have one (Barabara I also live in TX). OK so here goes my exploration of the card:

The card shows a woman holding her long skirt up and looking at the slug comining towards her with disdain. The woman is wearing a vail that trails behind her, and 2 mimosa flowes one at either side of her head. The decolletage of her dress is made of thorny vines. A bettle man wearing a yellow hat is watching her, he is smoking a pipe. A slug is crawling towards her, a mimosa plant is right behind her.

The emotional atmosphere of this card to me is that of surprise (but not a good one), disdain, and pettyness. Fear as well.

The physical manifestation of this card to me would be that of turning away from something or someone we find unpleasant (possibly making a scrunchie face or lifting our noses in the air as we go). Also that of acting a little skittish, trying to avoid something or someone.

The mental characteristics of this card to me are those of being hurt by the words or actions of others, mainly due to reacting to what they said or did without processing it and realizing that no harm was meant. I see the mind going 90-to-nothing like spinning wheels and full of anxiety.

Spiritually I find this card weak. In the case of Ms. Mimosa, she is a lot larger than the slug that is acosting her, she could stand up for herself. She is just way too delicate, and I believe this product of a weak spirit. Now the slug, that one has a determined spirit, he is quite aggressive. The Bettle as I later learned after reading the book was smoking because smoke makes the Mimosa withdraw (I did not know that), since he is facing her I would say he has somewhat of a cruel spirit. He seems to be enjoying tormenting her.

What I like most about the card is the leafy trim on Ms. Mimosa's dress. They look so healthy and pretty and are a nice contrast to the dry packed soil she is standing on.

What least appeals to me is the bettle man. At first it was becuase I really did not understand his role in the card, but once I learned it is because I really dislike people that are like that. By "that" I mean that are intentionally cruel to others.

The card is titled "Sensitivity" and I definetly had that feel of her being overly delicate, easily scared, easily offended. Very nice, but way too sensitive. I know from my experience in my own backyard that snails and slugs can really do some serious damage and even kill the plants, so I can actually understand her reaction here (though if I were her I would step on the thing and eliminate the real threat *LOL*).

After reading the book I realized the word I was looking for in describing physical reactions was that of shrinking away, for the spirit as well. Also the anxiety aspects. What was very interesting to me was learning that the plant is toxic as I believe that an overabundace or over usage of this type of behavior is toxic. Most passive agressive people I know are this way, and try to manipulate you with guilt (my mother in law comes to mind, she is the consumate Mimosa).
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