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Victorian Flower Oracle: Marvel of Peru

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Victorian Flower Oracle: Marvel of Peru

This is the last of the cards I drew back in April of 2007 (got the Water Lily as my next draw, but I have already posted about that card), so this post will get me back to present day draws *LOL*.

I drew this card the day before my husband and I went plant shopping to purchase flowers for our backyard flower gardens. I remember being so excited, it seemed like such a perfect card for the occassion. One of the interesting things is that they look a lot a variation of a Petunia called Torenia (at least from the image on the card), which I was really hoping to find to go under my bird bath. (I didn't find any by the way).

Anyhow, this beautiful flower does remind me of a party of flowers. I like to keep the Torenia's under my bird bath because of the variety in color and how festive they look there. Just a riot of color. I also usually get red, white, and deep purple Petunia's which when you just mix them all together are so bright and cheerful. Perhaps because I like Petunias and Torenias so much this card was one that ranked amongst my most favorites of the deck.

After reading the companion book I became very excited to see that the Marvel of Peru originated in Mexico (which also made me wonder why they are not called Marvel of Mexico instead of Marvel of Peru ~shrugs~), which means that they should grow quite well in Texas. Their common name is 4 O'Clocks or Afternoon Delight. The grow about 3 feet tall and the plant can have flowers of various colors on the same plant. I will definelty keep an eye out for these when we go plant shopping this year, which will be within the next few weeks. They would go gorgeously under my large tree in the back yard with some accent lights on them, would make for a real nice view from the hot tub!

We often invite friends to come hot-tubing with us, and since this card is about get togethers with friends and such would just be perfect for the atmosphere.
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I've grown these from seed, but next time I will try to get plants. The seeds take so long to germinate.

I had some thoughts all ready to type, and then *POOF* all gone.

I often focus on the moth in this card. He appears so shy as he gazes at the pretty flower lady, and in contrast, she seems to be quite vivacious in demeanor. She's quite adorable with her hair, clothes, hat, and posture. She's the kind of person I would like to be, if I were to choose one of the flowers to emulate.
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I really like the moth in this card too. He seems want to be a part of it all, and I think the Marvel of Peru would let him if he but only asked or just joined in. I like her demeanor as well. She seems like one of those people everyone likes *LOL*
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Barbaras Ahajusts 

Wonderful. That's what this beautiful card means. She's the 4 o'clock, the Marvel of Peru. One stands back in awe of her. She can live where she wants to, dance where the shade is or the sun is bright. She adorns & gives grace to all that she lives amongst.
The moth marvels at her beauty & wonder.

In Awe
Check this out
Take another look

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