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Victorian Flower Oracle: Lily

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Victorian Flower Oracle: Lily

Lily: Pure Motives

The card shows a very elegant young woman standing in a field of lily’s. She is dressed in a white gown with a green lily stem down the center of her skirt. The bodice forms the lily flower. It is as if she herself sprouted from the ground. Her skirt also have a fleur the lis on its pocket and she wears a white transparent veil flowing down her back. There is a cricket holding the hem of her gown and a nother helping arrange her skirt. There is darkness behind her.

The emotional atmosphere of this card is charged by the contracts in the darkness behind her and the brightness ahead of her. This card makes me feel hope and courage.

A physical manifestation of this card to me would be the birth of a child, animal, or new flowers about to bloom.

The mental characteristics of this care are those of assertiveness.

Spiritually I find this card to be uplifting. Having the hope and courage to guide me through dark times.

What I find most appealing about this card is how the crickets seem to be helping her dress. Is is a sign that she is not alone and has help.

What I find least appealing is the darkness creeping up behind her. It feels oppressive and depressive.

I have always liked this card. She knows about the darkness behind her but does not dwell on it or allow it to affect who she is. She focuses on the brightness ahead of her. She seems very level headed and well intentioned. There is a purity and sincerity about her. I see a lot of integrity in her as well. She is like a breath of fresh air.

After reading the companion book I feel I have a good understanding of this card. It validated my perceptions.
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Barbaras Ahajusts 

Standing strong with adversity always kept behind her, focuses on what is ahead, not the past.
Good judgments from positive thoughts
Always aided
Law of Attraction; She see's the good, she says the good & believes the good in all.

Makes me think of that one housewife on Desperate Housewives who is always baking. She says things like, "...this is a perfect moment for homemade chocolate cookies."

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This Lily always makes me think of arranged marriages or unions for political purposes. I also see the insects as being fireflies.

A lovely card to look at, but one I don't like very much (even though I have a Baba bag with this image).

I see machinations of the Church, and it's historical influence upon countries and world events.

Calculations. Ramifications. Expectations.

The fireflies give the hope that actions/intentions can be elevated to the spiritual, but as they are unlit, this is only potential. Without the recognition of the need for a higher purpose, everything remains purely secular.
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