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Recurring Card - Lady of the Harvest

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Re: Re: Someone call me?

Originally posted by She who Watches

Then I read the book's description....and a while later I bought the Good Faeries/Bad Faeries book and she's in the Bad section! So maybe it's a sign to go with my own gut feeling...which I always second guess.
This threw me off too.. When I did the exercises in the book, I had her in the "good" pile... and I was so surprised to find her on the Bad side of the Good Faeries / Bad Faeries book.. I guess we need to remember what Brian says - that you really can't label faeries.. then have some of both.. !
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What's all the yelling about?

Ahhh The Apple Queen, Lady of the Harvest..
And the little Nippers are out sneezing on your fruit starting it to mildew, mold, and rot.
But why does summer have to end?

The Queen is fat and full of summer wine and sleep ready to put the orchard to bed.
She is tired and needs to rest before spring.
Her little shawl is tattered from all the summer winds and sun.
Her nose is red with the nip of frost in the autumn air.
Apple blossoms in her hair to remind us that Spring will come again.

The little Nippers are sneezing on the fruit that is left on the ground.
There is to much bounty to bring in
Some must go to waste.
They are laughing at me.
NOTHING goes to waste.
Fruit rotting is the only way to release the seed for another apple tree to grow.
No experience in your life is a waste.

Now She who Watches and Dolphinprincess are you fat and full of the harvest that can keep you content when winter comes into your life?
Have you brought in enough bounty?
Do you need a rest now?
Give yourself that time.

Is there something in your life that is hard to watch or live with or remember? Like the rotting fruit?
Maybe its because the seed inside needs to be released because it's the only way you can grow a new apple tree.
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when i read this post i flipped through deck and looked for this card and the first feeling i got from it was she was raw, exposed, there is a lot going on in the back much its amazing too look at i suggest you try it!
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In the intro to his GF/BF book Froud says that he did the divisions of "good" and bad" as a convenience for humans, but that's "laughable to the faery folk. Faeries insist on being themselves, shapeshifting endlessly. Good and bad coexist in some degree in all of Faery's creatures."

Later, the book says "in terms of understanding the faeries themselves, [these categorizations will] get you nowhere. . . . Faeries cannot be pinned down to a page, a list, a single definition. To grasp their elusive nature requires direct experience, personal engagement."

He goes on to say that the most useful way to understand the faeries is by their association with the 4 elements.

After reading that, I decided to just go by what I "receive" in the moment from the faery, whatever category I might think s/he's in. Humans want static labels--that expectation doesn't work in the faery world!
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Thank you so much to everyone that has been posting here... ! It has been a huge help to me in understanding this Faerie and the role she may be playing in my life right now... Thank you She Who Watches for initiating this thread - I hope you are finding answers for yourself, as well.

Lark - your post was poetic. I loved it!
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Oh, I've learned so much today!
Thanks everyone, for your contributions.
I am going to take the Lady out tonight for a heart-to-heart, and not go running off to the nearest book to confirm or deny what I hear.
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a thought that hit me today was that her relation to Harvest is different then I first thought when I just looked through the cards.
this is not the bounty of the harvest, enjoying the crops kind of Harvest but maybe it is I that am the harvest.
How do we harvest outselves?
When is such a thing needed?

When I looked at this card yesterday I felt uneasy. Like a little chill down my spine.
Her breasts are so full it must hurt her. Is she a Mother then?
Does her milk give life or is it in vain, like the fruit rottening away?

Just questions in this post - answers are personal for each and every one of us and I think I will keep mine in my journal.
I often like the questions better then the answers though.
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