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Shadowscapes Study - Ten of Swords

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Shadowscapes Study - Ten of Swords

"The Ten of Swords represents misfortune, desolation, burdens to bear, ruin, the end of delusions. If feels like circumstances have instigated a spiraling and uncontrolled plunge. Sometimes circumstances are beyond human control. Sometimes there is nothing to do but ride it out and pick up the pieces when things finally come to a halt, and learn from the mishaps." -Stephanie Pui-Mun Law (little white book)

I just saw a video today that really talked about the 10 of Swords:

Seeing this video was a strong message to me, because I've been wanting to write up the 10 of Swords on this deck study for a few days now, and something was holding me back. I think this video gave me the push I needed to really go into this card.

I love this card as "Letting Go". From Stephanie's meaning, you can derive that something isn't working anymore for you or people around you (spiraling and uncontrolled plunge). And the feeling of the need to "let go" (circumstances are beyond human control). So this amazing meaning can and does apply to the Shadowscapes 10 of Swords.

Onto the artwork, we see a falling woman with a massive cloak of red, plunging down. There are 10 birds that strike and PIERCE through her like swords, and their is a trail of red, dark red, orange or siennas that follow the path of the birds. These trails are enchanting visually but can hold great meaning. Like many other depictions within this deck, I think "red ribbons" carry the meaning of control. Here, the birds are ripping out and carrying away "control" from the woman. The most dramatic pierces are the birds going through the shoal. But, you should also take note that a few birds do go through her body (not so rupturing however), at the chest and the abdomen. This is a strike to something she holds dear or hesitant to let go of. It is painful and could feel almost fatal (think of how the RWS depiction is). However, there is no rupturing at the body. She still lives. She will live through this. Letting go of something is necessary and actually liberating.

There is also the upturned crescent moon, a call to the two of swords, the high priestess, and the moon card. I love the imagery of the moon to this because it is very much so a internal battle with a disillusionment.

The red shoal. Perhaps it is a "red ribbon" that grown too big. Something is controlling her in an overwhelming way. This shoal represents thing that needs to be let go. Sure you can see it as a potential parachute, but I think it actually keeping her in the state of falling. It does curve as if its a cyclic pattern, perhaps she is falling in a endless spiral until she lets go. It is a bed red symbol, so it should have a important meaning, so what are your thoughts on the red shoal?
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