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Mythology Oracle?

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Mythology Oracle?

This is a repost from the Tarot thread, but I was wondering if there would be an oracle equivalent to what I'm looking for.

I'm looking around for an oracle deck that focuses on gods and goddesses. Frankly, Google search comes up with so many different kinds that I can't keep them straight! I'd like a deck where I can communicate with divine, or meditate on a specific deity, but there is very little clarification out there when I look. Everything I find seems sort of...hokey.

Does anyone here have a mythology themed or god deck? What do you use it for? How it does it respond to you?
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oracle decks with god/godesses

I think you should ask yourself first if you feel drawn to a specific god/goddess? Or do you want a god/goddess deck in general with many gods and goddesses?

If you are interested in Kuan Yin, mother Mary or Isis, you can find oracle decks that are dedicated to them.

I have ''Mary, queen of angels"(Doreen Virtue) and it's my favorite deck. I use it for guidance and it works great.

Good luck on you search for an oracle deck.
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I've had a few and seen a few and have gotten rid or passed on nearly all of them.

The Goddesses and Sirens and the Gods and Titans are complementary oracle decks. Although they cover a lot of mythological ground and the art is attractive, I don't feel these decks do a good job of capturing the deities. They kind of all look alike and some of them are overly sexualised or lack cultural context. Some of them lack the symbols that allow us to identify them. I wouldn't know them if it weren't for the name on the card. For example, little about the card below effectively communicates that this is the virgin goddess of the hearth, home, and family in Roman religion.

I had the Mythic Tarot, which a lot of people love. I think it's lovely in its art and depiction of Greek myths, but it wasn't a good tarot for me. It felt like it was trying to squeeze Greek myth into tarot and I don't feel that it does it well.

The Kuan Yin Oracle is very beautiful, but 44 cards about Kuan Yin starts to feel forced, like the Mythic Tarot.

My favourite mythological oracle is Hrana Janto's Goddess Oracle. I think the art is beautiful and she captures their unique cultural background and symbolism. I used it for daily inspiration and insight and had good results and as well ritual representations.

My favourite in tarot is Kris Waldherr's Goddess Tarot. It's also quite lovely and multicultural.
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my favorite is Ancient Feminine Wisdom of Goddess and Heroines, by Kay Stevenson & Brian Clark, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.2007; 78 card deck with 64 page booklet.
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