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Hand them over please ;)

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Originally Posted by Bladeraven
gets ready to hand the pile of diapers over then sprays air freshener at Nina and takes off running to Elven's home clutching the wastebasket filled with dirty diapers*
Originally Posted by Bladeraven
Some reason I can't make it past the bars Elven has on the residence......Elven, not nice...I even did the secret knock on the door....
Was that you!! Sorry wasn’t home. Took that plane flight to Madagascar with the ‘Brie’. Hotels booked. Back now to Sail off into the sunset with you all. Oh and Bladraven – that was one hell of a tab you left at the bar!!! The innkeeper remembered you by the smell. He said you were sooooo drunk, you were giving free readings in the cellarI don’t know how you made it Huredriels!!

Originally Posted by Bladeraven
*offers to secretly relocate everyone's tarot deck for them and throws a bag of dirty diapers on the boat*
Originally Posted by Ninamagic
*still looking for the tall, dark and handsome stranger.... maybe the postman with all the decks???.....*
I cant believe the Pest Exterminator hasn’t arrived yet to remove that troublesome Ninamagic. HMMM… maybe Elfs credit cards numbers didn’t work! I’ll ring…
Mobile tone: Berrrrt Berrrrrt, Berrrrt Berrrrt, Berrrrt Berrr ..
“Hello? Bert speaking”
Elven: “Where in the h*ll are you?
Bert: I went there but she was at the post office mauling the Postman!
Elven: Well don’t bother NOW, she’s down at the beach! Oh, by the way, I am so kind you can still charge that creditcard too, and add a hundred dollar tip!

Where is Elf anyway….keep an eye out!

Originally Posted by Waleswoman
As Nina's light fades into the depths of limestone, WalesWoman smiles, and cant believe she's become such an accomplished leg puller as she sprints to the beach.
*bladeraven! Now!* And flings the backpack into the boat in the darkness.
* take care of me precioussssss deck shoes*
Have you got the Brie and the Diapers, the Books & Spiders, the Backpack and the Bricks?
Now all we need to do is pick up the others and we’re off to Madagscar!! See ya Ninamagic!
Hoist the sails Bladeraven. All hands on Tarot Decks … ummm Deck I meant!
‘Can you sail Bladeraven?’
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WalesWoman and Elven... you are really worth coming home from work to...

Hmm... it won't help me to get soft now...

Well.... You are NOT being cooperative here!!!

*leaving home to go and rent a chopper*
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bladeraven  bladeraven is offline
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*contemplates calling the Marines in...they do have some cute hunks..oops..did I say that out loud...examines boat...sees a red button and pushes it.........."

ooooooooo.........boat turns least the boat everyone is standing on an invisable boat and looks like we're just floating in air..........

hmmmmm......maybe we should try this green button.......*boat turns to submarine* woohoo!!

So where do we go to hide the decks..I go on vacation....?
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mwa ha ha hee hee hoo hoo haa haa
Oh my I'm getting pretty good at cackling too, I think as I watch the antics of Nina ducking chopper blades and finding herself staring dumbfounded at the person in the pilot seat, none other but the dark handsome stranger. I did say the check was in the mail, but neglected to say... to whom and for what undisclosed location. "Have a nice ride Nina dear!" (Nina probably deserves worse, but I'm not all bad, maybe the hunky pilot, tropical breezes, and pina coladas will make up for missing out on all those decks)

"Good luck bladeraven and all who ride with you, just avoid deserted islands in the south Pacific. Oh, and I'm sure there's enough deck shoes in the bag to fit everyone" Wish I could see her face when she discovers they really are, that rescue ploy was soooo transparent, just like that submarine

Now for Elf... if I remember correctly iron renders elvish types powerless. I wave as the chopper whopapapapa's off into the sunset and the submarine dips under the waves, fall back, laughing onto on a largish lump of sand and pat it... "No one will get you my preciousssssss darlings"
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