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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step SIX

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I think she just means how you would connect those words into a phrase that would make sense in a reading. Instead of just listing them at random try to make a sentence or at least relate to each other.
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From Dad's post:

Activity 6-2
** Examine each of the four MODES and select one, two or three keywords that speak to you in a reading. (Note that Mary Greer is referring here to the use of the card relative to a reading, not for study, not for analysis, not for comparing). Again, use the examples in Appendix C if needed.
Select one, two, or three keywords that speak to me in what reading?? Am I to pretend that my chosen card is in a reading and I just choose words I like? If that's the case wouldn't I have to make up a question for an imaginary reading? This is bumming me out.
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Never mind, le fey's post straightened me out.

6:2.1 - Examine each of the 4 modes and select 1 to 3 keywords that speak to you in a reading.

Court Cards

Minor Arcana Pips

Major Arcana

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Ivy Rhiannon 
Step Six

Druidcraft Tarot ~ The Fferyllt

Suit Keywords
- Fire: Passion
- Earth: Foundation
- Water: Emotions
- Air: Dreams
- Fire: Achievement
- Earth: Journey
- Water: Perseverance
- Air: Knowledge
- Fire: Creativity
- Earth: Security
- Water: Motivation
- Air: Finances
- Fire: Conflict
- Earth: Hardships
- Water: Control
- Air: Decision

Mode Keywords
- Majors: Why? lessons, transformation, inner journey
- Minors: How? processes, situations, events, outer journey
- Aces: What? opportunities, beginnings, power, potential
- Court Cards: Who? person, personality, attitude, role

I believe my card is represented by wands. The journey she has taken, the perseverance it took, the knowledge she gained and the achievement is all a part of The Fferyllt. It is also a fire card for it took much passion, creativity and challenge to complete. It is in the major arcana so therefore it represents spiritual transformation.
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Cool STEP 6 Etruscan Three of swords

6.1. Mode
Air : intellect, reasoning, action
Fire: burning, passion, conquering
water: cold, fresh, plan
Earth: result, decision, completion

6.1-2 My three of swords fits both Earth and fire: reaching a climax tic point and finality, feeling a sense of achievement combined with marked power

Court: leadership, power, restraint, resilience
Numbers: options, alternatives, nearing completion, trilogy of events, emotions, results
Majors: warrior, Cause, justice, obsession, love, pity, death
Aces: dying and rebirth, fatality and beginning

6.3 the three of swords is a numbers card - evaluating events while being in the midst of them, and forming and choosing final options
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21 ways step 6

Radiant rider Waite - Judgement

Activity 6.1

6.1 a ) Keywords

Wands -enthusiastic, energetic and confident

Pentacles -hardworking , reliable and realistic

Cups - emotional, sensitive and intuitive

swords - analytical, intellectual and logical

6.2 b)

I feel that the suit and element that represents the judgement card is swords and air , as judgement represents an awakening or reassessment of some sort taking place bringing in a whole new way of thinking .

Activity 6.2 )Mode keywords


Aces -where

new opportunities , new beginnings and new situations

Major- why

life lessons , transformations and inner journeys .

Court - Who

personality,traits , age and gender

Number - what

everyday events , triumphs and tribulations


My chosen card judgement being in the major arcana category represents the why mode as this card often comes out in readings for us at a time in our life when we are reassessing our decisions that have lead us on the currant path we are on in our life , as often we think why did we do that ? or why didn't we ? either way the why is a major factor as we can only reflect on these outcomes and become much wiser in the process .
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Step 6: Queen of Pentacles (RWS)


Pentacles: material pleasures, wisdom, abundance (on a broader scale)

Cups: emotions, desiring change and/or exploration, holding on

Swords: aggression, stealth, travel

Wands: stubborn, movement, planning,


The card that I have selected for this study is the Queen of Pentacles and on a broader scale I see the following qualities inherent in this card - application of self, abundance, far sightedness, wisdom


Some of the keywords for the different modes that struck me are as below-

Court cards: people indulging in thought/action, defines maturity, defines circumstances that the querent may be in and his thought processes, are basically about “Who”

Minor Arcana number cards (2-10): events in querent’s control, speak of actions the querent indulges in/should indulge/shouldn’t indulge, apeak about “How” to go about, attitude, mental state, emotions, equation with the surroundings

Major Arcana: events not in control of querent, universe inmotion, message from universe about what’s in your favor and what’s not, rich and pregnant with messages, provides answer for almost all “Whys”

Aces: beginnings, endings, wisdom, state of mind, abundance of element representing the respective suit, gift from universe


As I have already mentioned, the card that I have been working on is the Queen of Pentacles. Considering that this is a card from the Pentacle suit and a court card to top it all up, this card basically represents the Earth energy. As is evident from the card, the image exudes abundance, while at the same time a wisdom that accompanies this abundance, and hence supports the abundance as being deserving. Richness of the image is very much evident and so is the effort to maintain it.
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Lady Indigo 

STEP SIX: The Hermit, Sun and Moon Tarot

Wands - passion, creativity, action
Cups - feelings, relationships, dreams
Swords - struggle, problem-solving, thought
Pentacles - money, security, actualization

I would say that the Hermit best fits into the suits of Swords (because it's a card of mental energy and knowledge) and Pentacles (because it's about someone who is secure and self-actualized). The psychic/intuitive elements of the Cups suit also fit, because the Hermit can also represent secret knowledge and working things out internally. Picking a keyword from each, I would say: inner processes, sagacity, and understanding.

Court Cards: "who?", a person, an aspect of personality, an energy personified
Number Cards: "what?", the situation, life events, what is going on
Major Arcana: "why?", a lesson to be learned, archetypal energies, the cause
Aces: "where?", the sphere of greatest potential, new opportunities, elemental energies

The Hermit is a Major Arcana card, which means it's a major card that communicates a powerful lesson. Either being the Hermit yourself or seeking someone like him, the card reflects the archetype of the old wiseman or wisewoman deep in the forest, someone who has a lot of wisdom and secrets and has evolved fully as a person. The Hermit also reflects strongly on the spiritual transformation aspect of the Major Arcana, since a lot of his or her knowledge is spiritual.
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21 Ways - Step Six

Tarot of the Silicon Dawn

  • Wands: Earth. The countryside; material growth; wealth.
  • Cups: Water. Pleasure; melancholia; joy.
  • Swords: Air. Spite; pain; analysis.
  • Pentacles: Fire. Passion; obsession; solar warmth.

6:1.2) 6/Swords: Analysis, will, problem-solving.

  • Court Cards: Who? Depicts people immersed in their roles. Sometimes the role is their personality, sometimes the role is their job; often their role is a mix of the two.
  • Number Cards: What? These cards depict people in the middle of doing something, often mundane. These people are drinking, walking, meditating, attacking, etc.
  • Major Arcana: Why? These cards are less about the characters themselves and more about the ideas they embody. Ideas such as naivete, hard work, chance, death, rebirth, bargaining, and so forth.
  • Aces: Where? Represents newness, birth, potential, and a pureness of energy.

6:2.1) The 6 of Swords comes from the number cards. It suggests that it is not so much an overarching paradigm, and more of a mundane event, one that could happen any day.
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step 6 - 21 ways - crow's magick: page of cups

before i go on with this exercise, i want to say how much i am getting out of this. i have resisted more formal tarot interpretations so far but this does it in a way that makes sense to me. also, i love how i am getting to know my deck, the crow’s magick, on a new level! for example, i think i have realized one of the reasons why i like it so much: it has very much a “science fiction” (not fantasy) look to it, and that is something i resonate with always. also, i am realizing how MUCH thought went into this deck. e.g., each suit has a very definite feel to it, particularly in terms of shapes and colours. thank you so much!

for the suits, i have chosen three themes/elements each but also included, as a fourth item, the essence that the suit in this particular deck conveys to me

wands - fire
(crow’s magick: movement)

cups - water
(crow’s magick: softness)

swords - air
straight, narrow, long, sharp
(crow’s magick: cold)

pentacles - earth
down to earth
the material
(crow’s magick: rich)

the thing itself

major arcana
a strong influence/universe in motion

minor arcana
situations / processes
daily life / events in the querent’s control
physical reality

court cards
energy personified

the page of cups is a court card. in the enthusiasm of that card, i see the keyword of “attitude.” it is from the suit of cups, associated with the element of water, and the keywords of soul/heart/emotions strike me as significant for this card.
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