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Unusual Taurus?

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Kawarimono  Kawarimono is offline
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Unusual Taurus?

I am new to astrology, and I have been trying to figure this out for quite some time now. According to what I've read is that Taurus is supposed to be really good with money, and somewhat frugal. However, I find myself to be the complete opposite. I can go through money like it's going out of style. Is there anything in my chart that would point to this? Because it seems like the Taurus type does not apply to me here. I was born April 26, 1978 at 6:30 am, 101w18, 48n14. Any help with this issue would be most appreciated!

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Well, we also have a moon sign and rising sign. Maybe your moon or rising is in Libra? (My boss and an old friend, both Libra's, spend money like its water) Then there are another 12 signs you can work of (too complicated for me). So it may not be typical of a Taurus (Your sun sign) but it could just be typical of another sign placement in your chat. is good for doing your natal (?) chart. But then you'd need one of the more informed people on AT to help you out
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Kawarimono  Kawarimono is offline
Join Date: 07 May 2007
Location: Somewhere over the rainbow
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My moon sign is Sagittarius, and my rising sign is Taurus.

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dadsnook2000  dadsnook2000 is offline
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Sun in Taurus, Moon in Sag

I had to edit this, my book got flipped to the wrong year by a breeze from the open door. I'm just reading positions out of an ephemeris, having not done a chart.

Your Moon has to be near the Scorpio/Sag cusp but likely a 7th house position. This is, for the Moon, the SEEKER phase where in relationship tend to have a give-and-take, stop-and-go, OK-then-not-so-OK-now flavor. This suggest a bit of instability when ever a crises has occurred or might occur. Mercury was ranging far ahead of your Sun, suggesting a free-thinking mind that might jump to conclusions. Jupiter was conjunct your Sun, bringing its sense of "larger-than-needed" philosophy to your outlook.

All of this suggests an impulsive see-and-like attitude as a basic life attitude. With the Moon past the opposition to your Sun, you should be moving toward a sense of being more fair in how you treat your relationships. Saturn squares Venus, making situations where wants/desires/loves are subject to limits/responsibilities /demands -- etc. With Saturn in the lower part of your chart, you need to always consider how to define your values and be clear about what your basic needs are. You have had your Saturn return just a couple of years ago, but its influence is still there, so you do need to take care of personal business. Jupiter transiting in Sag -- probably in your 7th house and still way ahead of your natal Moon, says that opportunities lie in growing thru giving and sharing. As Jupiter moves towards the 8th house of unequal sharing, it is time to emphasize the truthful approach in dealing with others.

Do you go on buying binges when have a difficult time with relationships? Do other's take advantage of you? In any case a change of methods in how you relate to others is suggested.

Haven't got time for charts these days, so I hope this out-of-the-ephemeris set of comments helps. Dave
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Gavriela  Gavriela is offline
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Taurus can also put a lot of emphasis on values, as opposed to money, speaketh the dirt-poor double-Taurus with Sag rising here.
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lilacwino  lilacwino is offline
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Hmmm, the only three people I've known well with the sun in Taurus have ranged from not great to absolutely terrible with money. I didn't remember that "the books" say otherwise. Drat, I think I just packed up my favorite astrology book for our move. I KNEW I was going to wish I'd left that one out.
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Don't know if this will help, but I have Moon in Leo (2nd House) with Taurus in the 11th House & I am extremely tight with money --I squeak when I walk.
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