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Venus Rx bringing in soulmates just to tear them apart?

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Venus Rx bringing in soulmates just to tear them apart?

During the Blue moon, that ironically happened during Venus retrograde, I met someone. We got together quite fast. I've never felt so comfortable with anyone in my life. When I say this, it's completely true.

We knocked down our walls and were very silly with one another. We did gross things like fart, pee, and poop together all in the same room We didn't care if the other heard. We just laughed it off, meanwhile, we are adults.
He protected me, and I, him. I've never had someone stick so firmly by my side before.

But of course, with every relationship comes problems. We were together only for a month. To some, that may seem very short but we were both felt as if we had been together forever. Is this how Venus Rx makes one feel or were our feelings true?

We broke up today, on our one month anniversary, due to outside things. I blame it on my Saturn inconjunct his Sun. He wanted me to move in with him but it was all too soon for me, and I wasn't prepared, financially nor emotionally. This caused problems and we broke up once before this, 4 days ago, because he told me the truth about something. He wouldn't be able to leave the state for a few years. Too many more than he originally said. I could not handle this and told him it would not work. But the same day, we got back together.

The reason for our breakup today was final and he told me that I couldn't stay, which was hurting him the worse. He said we both deserved people we could be with everyday and unfortunately, I just could not make that sacrifice for him.

I really feel as though we are soulmates.. especially due to all the aspects we have in our chart. I see it as the "perfect" synastry and our relationship was perfect. I will forever see him as the one that got away.

Is this what Venus does --- bring in Soulmates just to watch them tear apart? Him and I won't even be staying as friends because it hurts so much. Has anyone had the same experience?
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Etene  Etene is offline
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If you are serious about this relationship's apparent potential and the relevant astrology, perhaps you should investigate progressions to see if the a few years from now thing is worth waiting for or if last month was simply an odd synchronicity.
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