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Borderless Rider-Waite coming from US Games...

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I like this very much and will definitely get a copy. Borderless cards are always a plus for me and I look forward to this release. Are there to be no titles on the minors? I like that! I'm guessing that thin white line is just the scan border and not on the card.
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USG distributes for them for the North America market. AGM-Urania was absorbed by Konigsfurt-Urania which is owned by Catamundi. As with many markets, it seems a few companies own the lion's share.


Originally Posted by Scarlet Woodland View Post
My pocket Thoth is US Games... has that stopped being a thing? It does look like the last print run was 10 years ago actually. Shame, would love a borderless Thoth in a tin.

I like the look of the borderless centennial pics. Don't think they're the finished article as I'd be surprised if they had titles on the majors but not the minors. Looking very promising so far though.

Am in the same boat as Gaston D. and was planning on getting the full size PCS at some point so will definitely look to get this instead when I'm solvent again I love me some borderless but never fancied trying to trim along those wiggly lines.
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Vintage Rider deck 1000 times better-than Centennial (imho)

I much prefer my US games pre-copyright edition (LWB- Park Ave, NY), and even the next edition with copyright (E. 32nd NY edition) both have better softer colors, better matt cardstock & handwritten fonts. I am not a fan of colors in Centennial or Original versions compared to the older versions. But they are better than my newest version (do not have Italy printing) which is a Tricky Switzerland print edition that has newer computer font, glossy cardstock & gaudy colors, but do not know how this compares to newest Italy edition. I want a better edition with the softer colors, awesome cardstock etc. Happily pay more for a high quality deck.
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These cards seem to be taken from a Pamela-A Rose and Lilies deck. The card back isn't a rose and lilies back, but every other detail in the samples matches the scans I have seem of Rose and Lily decks.

They do not appear to have simply cut off the borders. The card seem to have left the central image exactly where it would normally appear on a bordered card and then added newly synthesized image to cover up the old borders. This is most obvious if you look at Pamela's signature, which is very tight to the black border line on most of the cards, but in this edition there is a fairly wide strip of image between the signature and the edge of the card.
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The Tudor Rose card back is almost a replica of the Centennial, except that it has a green background instead of blue and it has thicker borders
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Just to update, US Games has confirmed that the copyright will be on the back of the cards and not in front where they will interfere with the images.

When asked whether it will be adapted from the Centennial Smith-Waite art and not the regular Rider-Waite, their answer was a bit cryptic, saying that it will have "subtle coloring not the brights of the 1970s RW deck", and to just look at the images on their site.
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Maybe this one will be nice, but of course not a revolution!

The green on the back will probably look well; the grey on the back of Centennial is elegant, but not really appealing.
I hope this one will be of good quality and a bit more appealing.
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Really disappointed to hear there will be a copyright on the back. I'd asked US Games on Facebook a couple of times if there would be one, but they didn't answer me. I'll probably still get it.
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Oh yuck. What a hideous edit to an already poor edit. I see they still haven't resolved the fact that Pam Smith's original monogram had a dot in it for the SWC backs.

SWC was the Tinted Pam-A, and now we have the Recoloured & Expanded Tinted Pam-A. The inconsistency of the border extension really bugs me. They'll give the Priestess tops to her pillars, but they leave the Sun's black error line the original length so it sticks out even worse here! The lack of Court cards in the preview makes me wonder how jarring those are going to look.

They're really milking this as much as they can, aren't they? Can we just get an UNedited Pam-A with one of the original non-Tarotee backs already?!
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Ah. I'll definitely sit this one out.
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