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T of Prague cafe club - Ace Wands...

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Originally posted by Moongold
The association of Wands with Intuition seems to be quite Jungian.

How so?
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Ruby Red Slippers 

Just a plain ole human hand, holding a golden wand where even the fruit and folage have turned to gold. Is this the way that man can find his creative power. He can set the world on fire….just a human hand, holding the gold of alchemy – or has he created the gold through the alchemy of his creativity?
I see this as the power to turn on the fire, passion, “paint the town red” .
This Ace of wands is so different from my other favorites, which show new “green growth” and themes along those lines. The others indicate 'new growth" which I think of as starting small and growing into size...This starts out with a "Giant". It says, power, force…..capacity to make it all happen…..can you do it, do you want to do it? Making gold can be frieghtening….

Konraad says wands indicate "School, career, creative adventures" is often fear-some to start a needs to be tended, flamed, can burn freely, out of control, or "burn-out".....
This card says that to me. So I too, find it a little more "strong" than other Ace of wands.

Just my thoughts……
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Cities are built on inspirations such as this! Fruitful ideas. Passion. This city is carved out of wood representing the kind of passion an artist feels when he or she has their vision.

What a grand moment!
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Originally posted by punchinella

How so?
Hi Punchinella,

It seems that Tarotists have for centuries made associations between Tarot as a system and other systems. It seemed to begin with alchemy way back when (Wands = Fire; Swords = Air; Cups = Water; Pentacles = Earth). Pardon my lack of exactness around this in terms of dates and responsibility.

In terms of Wands corresponding to Intuition I'm still searching for some information to back up my hunch that people have simply tried to match the Tarot system of hnowledge to Jungian typology. Jung developed a map of self in his Psychological Typology (1936 which suggested the different personality types and functions of self on which Myers Briggs was later based.

Here is a link which explains a lot of this stuff:

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At a quick glance, I almost thought the river was a river of blood. But looking more closely at it, I think it is a good start for this ace and this suit. The map may be a treasury map (I like to think that). This card evoque passion, something new and exciting.
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