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Legacy of the Divine Tarot- general dicussion

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Originally Posted by shells View Post
I received this beautiful deck last week and was hoping that there are others who are interested in reviving this study group?

This is the list of existing threads for some of the cards in this deck
I would be interested! It is a beautiful deck and I really should give it the time it deserves!
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Originally Posted by prettywicked View Post
I love this deck so far, and I just got it in the mail yesterday!

One thing I noticed that no one brought up yet is that the Fool has a mask on while the World doesn't. I feel as though this has something to do with showing your true self, or knowing. The fool doesn't show his true personality, while at the end he knows who he is, embraces it & "shows off" his true self so to speak.

Sorry if this is in the book, didn't read their definitions yet as I am getting to know my cards first before I see if my thoughts were the same.
Interesting observation. The Fool has his own thread ... it would be great ito post this there. I don't want to do it myself since it is your post and your observation ... but thanks and it would be a nice addition to the Fool's thread on this study group.
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Completing the Legacy of the Divine Deck for Index

Originally Posted by PAMUYA View Post
we have a few threads started, click here to find them under Legacy:Legacy of the Divine Tarot Study Group
I notice this thread is pretty old. Anyone else out there?
If this study group gets more cards completed ... it will get its own listing in the Study Groups forum. I will try my best to start doing cards to complete the deck.

I have been reading w/ RWS and Thoth for 30+ years ... but only using Legacy for 6 months or so ... so I feel like a newbie with this deck ... but I will post as many cards as I can to share my learning curve };>
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