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Legacy of the Divine Tarot- least favourite card

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Least Favorite Card

Jacqueline -

I smiled when I read your post. I love Ciro's work, and am always happy to see that others do too!
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Originally Posted by Sassyjackal
After working with this deck for some time my thoughts have changed quite a bit. I have since gotten a dog (for the first time in my 50 years) and now understand the 10 of Cups card. I have recently (today) had a run in with the World card which has changed my view of it completely.
Thank you Ciro for such a wonderful deck, it gives my such pleasure to use it.
I bought this deck for my mother, last Christmas, and this post had me running to borrow it. This was one of my favourite cards, when I looked through it - possibly my most favourite - because it's so warm and comforting. (I'm surrounded by pets here - dogs and cats, who love to snuggle.)
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The Lovers

I absolutely love the concept of this card but there is just something about the woman's face that I don't like. To me the lines seem too hard and there is something "off".

I remember the first time that I went through each card when I had just gotten the deck and was blown away by all of them. Then when I got to this one I felt that because of her something was taken away.

Since this image is also used in the two of cups (which I find amazing!), it's kinda too bad.
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three coins

this a fantastic card shows what it means the man at work as sturdious as ever a good grafter like ciro is a fantastic artist, I love all the cards in general have some trouble with some of the swords cards but still all the same awe enspiring thats just because I am a beginner... but a fully fledged artist
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Queen wands

what about this card the card is about passion the firey temprement of the gypsy and wow I can feel the passion and the fire from here when I saw this card I kew that I had to have the deck and I don't think I have ever put the deck down since I have bought the deck I even carry them with me every where I go even to work just to get the feel to them now I feel like they are talking to me.... Again the 10 cups a fantastic homley card shows the feline and the alfa at home together shows real comfort love inits self....
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I really like the graphics and images of this deck, but Temperance just seems awkward to me. I can't fully grasp it like the others, I don't know, something just seems a little bit off.
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yeah i agree again a spot on card though
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9 of Swords

Am I the only one who doesn't like the 9 of Swords? This is one of the scariest cards for me in traditional tarot, but in this deck (which is my FAVOURITE primary deck) the girl seems to be thinking "well isn't that interesting! There are swords hanging from the ceiling and reaching for me. How peculiar..."

When I am doing readings, I have a back up 9 of Swords with me from the Robin Wood deck to show the client. Ciro, anxiety and night terrors should come as a STRONG warning, and she just doesn't seem to mind the scenario.

Can anyone help em see this card in a different light that will help me make friends with it??
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4 of Coins

I have to agree with everyone I love the graphics on this deck. I this they're superb but the one card that really gets me is the 4 of Coins. The way he looks at you is like he's looking straight into your soul saying, "you can't take them these are mine and I will go to whatever lengths I have to to keep it that way." I don't think I have ever drawn this card on one of my many daily draws but I just find that that card is just disturbing to me. It gives me the chills to look at I don't.
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My least favourite card in this deck is the 8 of Cups. It freaks me out to see the octoman or manopus or whatever he is. I hate him, he gives me the willies.

I also don't like the Magician's hands, 10 of Swords, 8 of Swords, and 5 of Swords.

To be honest, I haven't used this deck much since I bought it. I was a tarot newbie then, and have since discovered that I am much more comfortable with earthy, homey decks, and the AnnaK is my primary reading deck.
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