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Legacy of the Divine Tarot- least favourite card

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Join Date: 10 Feb 2010
Location: Uk Durham
Posts: 39
10 cups

this to me reminds me of home through and through I have a labradore as well very friendly and the cat the feline matchin masculine by the fire warm and healthy cool eh i love this card... hommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme coming.
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NorthernTigress's Avatar
NorthernTigress  NorthernTigress is offline
Join Date: 08 Jul 2008
Location: Alberta, Canada
Posts: 14,573

I have troubles with the Knights in this deck. Those empty helms give me no information to work with. Plus, they are a little freaky.
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vectisleaf  vectisleaf is offline
Join Date: 15 Jan 2011
Location: Isle of Wight, UK
Posts: 7

Yes - I am with Northern Tigress on this one - the Knights lack sufficient stimuli for me.
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tarotcognito  tarotcognito is offline
Join Date: 19 Feb 2011
Location: under a snowflake in Montreal
Posts: 1,705

I'm not a fan of Marchetti in general, but if I had to pick one card I disliked more than the others, it would be a toss-up between the Magician and the Lovers. Or all the Pages.
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Cassandra022  Cassandra022 is offline
Join Date: 23 Apr 2005
Location: Washington, DC
Posts: 4,803

for me, many of the court cards BESIDES the knights, which I really quite like.

Queen of Swords, Queen of Cups, King of Cups, Page of Cups...all are quite meh.

um..I don't dislike the Fool, but I am kind of bored/sick of seeing the image, since its on the AT front page CONSTANTLY...takes the excitement/interest out of seeing it come up in the deck, unfortunately...
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mza's Avatar
mza  mza is offline
Join Date: 19 Jun 2010
Location: uk
Posts: 747
The Knights

I can't connect with the knights either. We need faces, expressions, body language and eyes to read into. I find myself often referring to the Gilded deck knights instead if these cards come up.
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bluecaffeine's Avatar
bluecaffeine  bluecaffeine is offline
Join Date: 24 May 2008
Location: Düsseldorf/Germany
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I do not like the Emperor. If you see the other Majors, the Emperor seems so small and unspectacular in comparison with the symbols around him.
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Join Date: 08 Oct 2010
Location: UK
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page of wands - something creepy about it... like a chucky doll...
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Join Date: 02 Mar 2011
Location: Somewhere over the rainbow... in the O.Z
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Fly My Pretty 

I don't know if there is a card I dislike, but the card I was most disappointed in is The Magician. He is usually one of my favourite cards in a deck but this one just kinda felt underwhelming.
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Join Date: 27 Mar 2011
Location: the middle of Australia.
Posts: 725

The lovers

I just can't get into the lovers card in the Legacy deck.

Sorry Ciro
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