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Legacy of the Divine Tarot- least favourite card

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Practicing Human  Practicing Human is offline
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Practicing Human 

Not a fan of the Queen of Cups. Hands down my least favorite. I don't like her expression. It seems she is intended to be looking at the reader with a dreamy knowing look but it looks too contrived to me. I don't like how the headband seems to skew the proportions of her head. Don't like the way she is stroking the fish's tail.

In short, there's nothing I like about that card. It's the only one I have such a strong dislike for.
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edited, and PMed person instead

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flipperjane  flipperjane is offline
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I don't like the Lovers card - yet. what is it around their heads - feathers?

And no one has mentioned the 7 of Coins - am I the only one who finds that woman irritating?
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I feel there should have been "something more" to the Sun card.

ETA: I've decided to sit with the card and look into it deeper because I didn't feel good posting a negative here. Looking at the brightness of the sun compared to the person, (shadow like) it represents how great the energy of the sun really is in comparison to anything else in our relative universe. I can see why the artist chose this piece of art to represent the Sun now..
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Studying the deck, got it a few weeks ago. My least favourite cards (e.g to the point of irritation) are, without doubt, the Lovers and the Two of Cups (namely the image of the man and woman on both cards). The Lovers makes me cringe, it has this 80s-airbrush look and feel to it, especially with the feathers and hearts and champagne and... oh dear. Dove's wings shaped like a heart? Come on. In fact, I don't like the entire suit of cups (especially Five, Two, Nine, Ten and Seven). I will continue to work with the deck and see what I will make of it.

I found it interesting that the cards I didn't like were all similar in a way, or from the same element. It is perhaps that Water in general doesn't go well with this deck?
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I have been working with this deck for a few weeks now and I have been fully enjoying it. I do feel though that the depiction of the Kings, in general, are somewhat short changed in this deck leaving them as my least favorite cards. I have noticed something with this deck though that may be off topic but since I started working with this deck in reading for others each spread interestingly enough includes the two of swords. I have not been exclusively using this deck and the two of swords is not consistent in any other deck use. I just thought it was interesting. And I also love that card in this deck! Again, I realize this is off topic to the least favorite thread and I apologize if this should go somewhere else.
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