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Legacy of the Divine Tarot - 7 of Swords

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started a new thread on Justice
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Practicing Human 

I just got this deck yesterday and I'm looking forward to getting attuned to it!

I went through each card one by one, and when I came upon this card I noticed the sky was that peachy orange sky that you get at sunset, at dusk. It brought to mind that in the RWS that card has a sunset colored sky, at least by my take.

Perhaps this is to indicate stealth without complete concealment? Attempting to be sneaky but perhaps a bit ahead of oneself, considering these figures aren't under the cover of darkness?

The other parallel I see is the significance of having five swords in his possession yet there are two out of possession. In the RWS it looks as if he is leaving them behind where in Legacy he is making his way toward them. Perhaps the real significance is the two remainders and the stealth, yet with a sense of the haste that gives way to the risk of being seen.
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Couple of things that stood out for me.

The bird is a Magpie, a bird known for its stealing tendencies. They tend to collect things that attract their attentive and that they can carry off.

The man is coming into the picture. Is he coming home after a night of thieving? Is he coming home from retaking what was already his?
Or is he simply hitting the last house on his list so that he has the complete collection of 7 swords and not just a partial collection?

Considering that he's sneaking around under a full moon his chances of getting caught are much much much higher than they would normally be if he'd waited a few more days.
This causes me too wonder does he want to get caught? Is this some sort of college prank or initiation (like stealing the mascot)?
Is he someone that suffers from kleptomania, and he simply must steal?

No mask tells me he doesn't care if he's recognized if seen. Our else that he foolishly believes that he won't be seen at all, despite the light from the moon.

I'd say he's sneaking around, whether by accident or design it's still a bit unplanned or unexpected.
Or else he's very very arrogant and sure that no matter if he's caught he can get out of the consequences.
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