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"The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot-EVER!!" Exercise 1

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I don't have the book but this looks so much fun !
I wish someone join so in and.. Let's revamp this thread!!!

ACE: [Her] I am just returning human after an evil warlock turned me into a tree for the last hundred years! So much to experience, my goddess will be happy!
TWO: [Him] My ship is a wreck but I don't care cause my water-eagles are always able to bring me where I want as Long as I have the tiniest scrap of the transport I am going to use!
THREE: [Him] With my magic and fellows the world is at my feet but just what to experience first? I l let my pendulum decide!
FOUR: [Her] Oh pendulum, bring my love to me! Since I woke up I have been busy at casting a spell: soon as my love arrives the heart I embroidered on my robe will get energized and change these four rods in a beautiful castle, just for us!
FIVE: [Evil Jinns] Soo... I have sparkled the bad luck powder where he'll pass, have you cast the evil eye on her? And you two down there, keep chanting whatever happens!!!
SIX:[Him] Here I come, my long lost love, but I don't trust your neighbours, even if they are celebrating my return. I prefer approaching by air
SEVEN: [Her] You are so right... do you read my toughs now? I choose to make my defence in this spot for the exact same reason! Let them plot, our love is pure and we are ready to fight!
EIGHT: [Her] Here it comes my fast falling rods attack! Don't say I never advice to clear off!
NINE : [Him] It has been a hard fight, and I don't complain over my wounds, but THAT?!?
TEN: [Him] Do you mean I had to endure all this to end up with an overload of work and no one to help? I tough I was promised a castle!
PAGE: [Her] Well I never technically promised and... yes, it was all a joke! Don't you know our Goddess asks experience in exchange for these glowing magical weapons she endowed us with? Everything was done for Her major glory.. If you don't like it, come and explain my pet here...
KNIGHT: [Him] I can't believe what she had done to me.. I need to go and licker my wounds, but I'll be back u a aha!
QUEEN: [Her] And so, my love, it has been great fun looking at our old photos. . I feel drunk on memories.. and my cat here too.. how is that that she grew this big? Or am I shrinking down...
KING: [Him] Finally my revenge is consumed! You turned me mad and I made you shrink smaller and smaller and now you too are but a memory! UA a aha ha - ecoes away in the distance while the curtain closes-

Sorry it came out a bit darker than intended, but I was carried away by the characters..
Great experience! Can't wait to be by for another suit and I really wish someone joins!!!
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