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The Easiest Way to Learn Tarot-Ever!! Exercise 4 - From Here to There

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Pam O 

6 swords to 5 Pents
Finally looking at a new line of thinking that settles the emotions. Now going to see the positive in my situation because enough is enough.
(treating the 5 as Rx because all cards are upright in this particular deck and all cards cand be viewed from all sides if they are all upright....)

Alternatively taking the 6 as Rx and the 5 upright. (In this case it is giving advice)
Not finding a way out of this mental rut will keep resulting in the same old garbage in life.
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9 Swords then 8 Wands

My bed is so uncomfortable that I'm having a new one flown in specially from abroad.
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9 of Swords - Cruelty, Atu VIII Adjustment

Vanegance, Nemesis.
To have someone pay for his cruelty.

Obviously these two cards together may mean much more, but this is what they have to tell me tonight.

A Major being present, the idea of vanegance is not in the negative sense, that would be cruel indeed, and no better than the first offence. This is nearly a divine justice, a Karma that comes to pass, for cruel that it may look/feel. This is why I mentioned Nemesis.

Uhm.. she is bound to make an appearence in my favour, so welcome cards for me these ones.

I'll be happy to discuss them (and have a word on theirs) with any study buddies.

PS I just realized that on the book the exercise is meant to be done only with Minors.. But with all the deck is so much more fun! I would leave all the deck in, but everyone pls feel free to do your will.. ;-)
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