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Cathar Tarot

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I've been interested in the Cathars since Kate Mosse brought out her novel, Labyrinth, about ten years ago. The deck and book sound fascinating, but I'm not sure I could read with them. On the other hand, it's so rare to see something mainstream(ish) about the Cathars, and John Matthews is one of my favourite tarot authors.

As an aside, Kate Mosse's sequel - Sepulchre is about tarot. It's a sign. I'll add the Cathar Tarot to my wishlist
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Oh no, I stumbled over the same button Nisaba did!

This deck looks very very interesting. I have Matthews' Grail tarot which is very interesting as study deck (I didn't read with it yet but liked the book). And I have a sub-collection of Christianity-oriented or Christianity-critical decks (Saints, Byzantine, Tsar, Voices of Saints, Grail) where this one will fit very well. The Gnostic subtext of Place's Saints tarot is so interesting, I'm sure the Cathars are no less fascinating.

ETA And thank you RavenLuna for the Kate Mosse tip! Samples are already on my Kindle :-))))
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Originally Posted by Nemia View Post
Oh no, I stumbled over the same button Nisaba did!
<frowns> I'm *sure* they've set up a tripwire near that button.

The subsollection of *mine* that it fits into, is the decks by John Matthews, John-and-Caitlin Matthews and Caitlin Matthews.
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Originally Posted by Patrick Booker View Post
Most of what I know about the Cathars comes from the writings of Arthur Guirdham, a psychiatrist who claimed to remember many past lives including a Cathar one. This involved a sort of group reincarnation and many strange synchronicities:

Don't you mean, 'Most of what I've heard about the Cathars...'?
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A lot is actually known... His The Great Heresy: The History and Beliefs of the Cathars is factual and not based on his reincarnations.
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Oh no, not another deck I absolutely have to get?!

I knew about the Cathars long ago, but this is the first notice I've had of this deck!
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Patrick Booker 

Originally Posted by DeToX View Post
Don't you mean, 'Most of what I've heard about the Cathars...'?
Actually I thought carefully before using the term 'claimed' precisely to allow for the fact that some will give greater credence than others to such material. And as Gregory points out, not everything in his books depends upon such revelations.

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I've long had an interest in the Cathars, as well as other gnostic Christian groups. A friend has a gnostic saints deck that is really beautiful too. Now I can add this one to my Amazon wishlist.
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HearthCricket  HearthCricket is offline
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Mine arrived yesterday. The cards are gorgeous, lovely boxy size and glossy, but not too sticky. The colours really pop those golden, illuminated feels! Having come from an Episcopalian/Catholic background I love reading about the various older gnostic splits from the CC and their belief systems, how they lived their daily lives, etc. I've always been fascinated by the Desert Fathers so would love to see a deck based on them at some point too! This deck will go well with my Golden Tarot and Byzantine Tarot!

I am going to read the intro today and start with one card pulls. At some point I'll go to 3, 5, a Celtic cross. But I also think if I have trouble reading it straightforward as a tarot deck I will use it to layer readings of the above mentioned decks and see what happens! As I become more familiar with it, I may add some Fallen Angels Oracle cards to my readings. Loads of options with this deck. The artwork is amazing!
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The Cathar Tarot

I got mine today and am reading the book.Havenīt bought a Tarot deck for ages, but it is such an interesting book, with so good interpretentions of the cards, some interpretations are totally new to me and very well put.The art is true medieval, and very beautiful I think. What a brave people.
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