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Thanks to the MODS

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Glass Owl 

Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post
I think at the moment we feel like we're being released from some grand and noble service. I imagine we'll all keep our uniforms pressed and shoes polished out of habit; ready at a moment's notice to take our places once again.

It has, in short, been a privilege and a pleasure to serve at AT and to be of service to all of you.
Oh goodness, Thirteen. I just read your post and now the floodgate of tears have started falling. I haven't been a mod in years and you have so beautiful expressed into words my feelings about being a member and former mod here. It was truly a privilege and honor, thank you all and thank you, Thirteen.
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Thanks, MODS. You are all wonderful!
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ana luisa 

Originally Posted by gregory View Post
I want to thank all the mods here - past and present - who have done so much to make the forum the place it is. It is a safe place, a true community - it breaks my heart to see it close - and so much of what it is and has been is down to the kind of moderators we have. You are all wonderful people who have given us all so much - given us your time and your damned hard work doing what must often be a thankless task - and I shall miss every last one of you. And that includes all those who have been MEAN to me . I probably asked for it...

The very best of luck for your new and peaceful lives.
Right back at you, gregory !!! Don't worry though, you won't get rid of some of co-hosts so easily !!
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I agree---thank you all so much! And thanks as well to Solandia, above all, who has given so much blood, sweat and tears here over the years. What you've created is wonderful.

I just wish there were some way to keep this old buggy on the road, though.
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I concur with everyone! Thank to all mods, past and present too!
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Yes! Thank you for your hard work, dedication and commitment. I was also a UTC MOD for a short time and I want to give a huge thanks to Sulis, Prudence, Rodney Alta & Thirteen, for showing me the ropes. I learned so much from all of you and saw just how much work was involved in keeping this place running smoothly. You have all done an amazing job and I will miss you terribly!! Hope to stay in touch.
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Thank you mods, this is really the nicest corner of the internet I've ever been a member of, and you all are the main reason for that.
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Thank you all - Moderators and Solandia. I love the community you have all worked so hard to maintain and support.

To say this in a very old way - back a few thousand years, in my beloved Egyptian:

daw'ái nitchúnu natchúru natchárwat

I praise the Gods and Goddesses for you.

Khonsumes Matt
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To our mods, you were nothing short of excellent. I've been a part of more than a few internet forums, and yours really took the cake. You struck the perfect balance of control and forbearance so that the threads were never too rigid and staid, nor were they the online versions of the wild wild west.

There were moments when I was reprimanded for a few mistakes and misunderstandings, but their handling of these were such that I was never offended at all in any way, and when I explained my side, they were judicious enough to take the facts into consideration before eventually exonerating me. I also happened to express a very contrary opinion to one of them in one of the threads, and such was her graciousness and maturity that altho she still held her ground, she did acknowledge the main point I was making without any rancor. In all of my posts, I have never felt unfairly treated, and it speaks well of their character and magnanimity that I never felt condescended to, nor was I the target of any pathetic power trip.

I don't care if I seem like I'm brown-nosing. There was a recent thread that thanked mods but I stayed out of that just because. Now that the Forum is ending, nothing can stop me from taking this chance to thank all the mods for a job magnificently done. You were a truly vital piece of the Forum, and your superlative handling made all the difference. Believe me, I have seen forums rise and fall because of the quality of the mods. That you kept such a vibrant community going for almost two decades is a testament to your incomparable capacity and judgement.

Yours is an ace team, and as the curtain falls, allow us to throw clouds of roses your way as you take your final bow. Your performance will be sorely missed, and if only we can request an encore! The lights will dim and the theater will be empty before long, but along with the beautiful show, the memory of your efforts will also stay with us. Goodbye and good night.
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Thank you for this. I appreciate it deeply, especially now at the end.

There have been moments over the years when I laughed, when I rolled my eyes and, yes, when I asked myself why I was letting myself in for whatever was going on.

But mostly I did it for the members and because it helped in some small way create a community that I myself cared about strongly.
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