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Thanks to the MODS

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MAGNIFICENT MODERATORS - I shall b***** miss you!
Your job made this place cooler (and safer in the knowledge that someone was watching - and waiting to put out any fires) than most other forums I've bumped into.
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Noni  Noni is offline
Join Date: 27 Feb 2013
Location: Beyond time & space
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Yes! I'd like to thank all the mods especially Alta, Sulis and dancing_moon.
You all did a great job and put up with our complaints and tantrums with much grace and care.

Thanks a bunch for your time, effort and energy in keeping this place running 🌹🌺 🌼🌹
Best wishes for your journey ahead
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em_idol_twins  em_idol_twins is offline
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I think I am going to miss the warning messages I got from the MODs here!

Thanks MODS!
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Nemia  Nemia is offline
Join Date: 29 Sep 2013
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I think I said it already but it bears saying again - thank you for the wonderful, kind, tactful mods. Whenever I did something against the rules and they had to remove my posts, they did so without making me feel bad or humiliated or in any way uncomfortable. They just knew the rules better than me and were kind enough to remind me. This is very different from other forums I know where either anything goes and members spiral into hysterical catfights - or where the mods are so interfering that you feel wristslapped all the time.

You held the golden balance - and were also part of the tarot discussions. Great job. Thank you to all of you.
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My thanks as well for keeping AT forums "The Place" to be.
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My heart is not large enough to hold the depth or the number of emotions I feel for you ... Past and Present Moderators.

My mind cannot find a word that embodies what I would express to you. So far beyond thanks, gratitude, recognition, respect, homage

May Strength and Peace remain with you always. May your Souls find Joy in the midst of Pain & Change.

You are Beloved. Jordan Feliz

~*~*~ ((())) ~*~*~
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WhiteWolfy  WhiteWolfy is offline
Keeper of the Light
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Thank you to all the Mods for all the wonderful work they put in to keep AT a well run forum
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Thanks indeed to all the mods past and present, but especially the ones I had the honour to work with (extra thanks to MeeWah, who way back when recruited me). The "behind the curtain" team spirit was awesome.
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Everything that Gregs said! Thank you so, so much. Sending lots of love and blessings to you all!
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