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Message from Solandia

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I don't know Solandia from Adam, but one thing I've always admired and been amazed by, is she is not the #1 poster forum poster in ever single thread.

I've never stayed anywhere where that was the story.
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Thank you a million times, Solandia.

Thank you for all your work these years. Thank you for all I learnt at your forum, and the people I met.
God bless you.
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Originally Posted by Laurelle View Post
I know. I actually tried to run a forum before for nannies. I had the site coded in php. It's a big deal. it's not easy and it's not something one person can do. I learned this the hard way about 10 years ago.

There are so many more aspects to making a website run efficiently. It's a group effort and I hope that we can all collaborate.
You have my support Laurelle.
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Thank you thank you thank you, Solandia, for creating and running AT.

I started out grateful for the amount of knowledge, experience and wisdom here. I became grateful for the community itself. It is now the main social circle in my life (because I don't get out much).

Since you feel the handover is completely necessary, and since it is complicated, perhaps a team could make the commitment and then stay "in waiting" until you have the time/space/energy to answer questions; I'm sure techie people can work out most of it (and/or reinvent some of the systems) together and would just need the odd response from you. Even if it was a long time, the forum would repopulate itself within a couple of weeks of reincarnating, no doubt in my mind.

The spirit of the thing is what has made AT so valuable to so many. Even if it really has to end now, I know that loads of friendships will continue because it existed.

Solandia, Kate, I'm sending you healing as well as good wishes and thanks.
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This is sad news indeed and although I don't spend much time on AT lately, I still have a great deal of affection and respect for the site which, in many ways, gave me so much more than I could ever give as a moderator.

I loved meeting you Solandia, and Greg and Sulis and Eve in London all those years ago.

Whatever your reasons for closing the forum, I know that this will not have been a decision taken quickly or lightly so I respect your decision to do what you know to be right.

Much love and heartfelt thanks for this amazing space you offered us all Solandia. Wishing you well on your journey ahead.

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To Solandia ...

Thanks to you, I found my way many years ago. I have not been so active lately, but this forum has been like an old friend that I visit periodically and catch up on new decks, ask questions, look up study threads, and maybe even jump into the weekly study group. Anything someone wants in the world of tarot, they can find here.

I respect your decision--I am sure it was a very, very difficult one! I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors.

Thank you for the many years you have given to this forum and for making it all possible.

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all the best Solandia,

sad to see the forum close hopefully something else good will come from this or even the baton passed in time.

going to miss the forum the people here too, even though brief for me its been a lot of fun and a virtual home that id have liked to have lived in a bit longer, it felt comfy and safe and the plus side easy to float around without having to push pop ups and jargon out of the way.
ill hang onto my id if I post anywhere else so see you around

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To Solandia ...

Dear Solandia,

I just wanted to say how much this community has meant to me. I truly consider your creation of this community, and what it became, The Golden Age of Tarot online. Never have so many different groups of tarot folk, including creators, professional readers, amateurs, historians, all ended up under the same roof with a place to call home.

I will miss you, even though I did not personally know you. But for you to create such a place was a beautiful thing to give to the world. I respect your decision, which must have been a most difficult one.

Travel well, my dear Solandia. Safe and happy travels on your journey through life.

Take care,

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Thank you for all of your many years of dedicated service.

While I hope that a solution can be found to allow all of this to continue, I trust your judgement.

Wishing you Peace and all Good!

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Thank you Solandia It is the end of an era and the start of a new one. I wish you the best of luck and blessings on your journey x
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