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Letting All Techies Know to Get on Conference Call

Originally Posted by Laurelle View Post
Yes, I agree. I've PMed several people who want a new forum and asked if we could all work together.

I don't even want to manage the forum, I just happen to have a good platform already set up.
There is a conference call request for the tech folks interested in coordinating efforts.

See here:
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Well, I think everyone has already said everything I meant to say! This place was fantastic! I made so many friends here, too, along with learning stuff. And everyone here has taught me a little something or another that I shall have all of my life

I cannot thank you enough, Solandia, for this awesome place! What a blast!

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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Thank you ((((Solandia)))) for everything you've done to keep Aeclectic going for 17 years.

I'm sad to see it coming to an end, but I understand.

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Thank you Solandia for all you have done for us! You have created a community site with an active community forum for 17 years! It must have been hard work and it's amazing you have kept it going for so long in your life! The time and energy you have put into it here and it's a success! Maybe too much of one

I understand now from your message here that ultimately you are now trapped! You cannot get away from the forum because you are so much part of it's running and you can't really easily be replaced or for it to be passed on. Other forums and organisations delegate all the roles, so lot's of people will run a site but it's not always easier dealing with them all and this site has really had excellent stability and upgrading! It was hardly ever down.

Whilst I am devastated it is going, you should be proud of what you made and will be a searchable tarot archive for years to come! Anything anyone could ever want to know is here! Wishing you the best for the future and what you do from now on!
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Thank you so much Solandia, for providing this safe place for all of us.

Before I came here I was the only person I knew who was interested in tarot.

I found my online home here, and made lots of friends. I'll miss it, but new paths can also be good.

As my niece always says, "A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there."

Although in this case, I grew a lot for a long time.
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Thank you Solandia for everything you have created.
I spent years lurking before I became more active. I participated mainly in the reading exchange as that is my favorite part of tarot -the actual reading of the cards for real people with real concerns.
Thank you for providing a safe place to do that, to be able to learn, to feel supported and to give voice to my heart through tarot.
You have had such a deep impact on so many lives, yet, if we crossed paths in the street we would not know each other. It's wild to think that's even possible.
With my humble respect, I give you all my thanks because without what you created, I, as well as many others, would have struggled to find and develop our voices.
I wish you peace and happiness always.

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Thanks to Solandia and the Moderators

Thanks to Solandia and the moderators for your wonderful site that is the best out there. I have loved it for two years and will miss it so much as it has been a large part of my practicing my newfound passion in tarot and oracles.
I wish you all the best in the future and hope to catch up with many of the readers from this forum on other sites soon.

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What a wonderful creation you've made Solandia - truly the perfect Tarot site and a community that can't be beat. I doubt anything can replace it. You've brought people from all over the world together to share their stories, hopes and dreams, their failures and mistakes - a place of relief and release.

It wouldn't be going too far to say that this was a bit of a second home type of thing for some of us. A place to come when there was nowhere to go and no one who cared. The best place for learning and sharing our tarot books of life. Gosh, there's so many other ways this has been a fulfilling and awesome place to visit.

I'm located in Brisbane and wish I could have met you - the creator of this honourable site. It would be great if we could all have a farewell party to send off this perfect place, all around the world - maybe not to put faces to names, but to bring into manifestation the community you have created. Holding hands all around the world to send you the love and respect we all feel for you and your brainchild.

Thank you so very much Kate <3
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Wonderful Kate. You've read and replied to my email already. I just wanted to say very publicly that I am so grateful to you for all that you've done over the years. I understand why you did not opt to simply hand your creation over, I know that you wouldn't sell the purple security net that people have been sheltering in for many years, and I know that your decision wouldn't have been an easy one to arrive at.

You've created a space where literally thousands of people have had the opportunity to learn, assist, share and display whatever it is they needed to learn, assist, share and display.

And you've worked seriously hard to keep such a huge entity chugging along happily for so long...

I have nothing but absolute gratitude, respect and well-wishing to offer you. But that I give freely and generously.

Many blessings to you in all of your days.

With love

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Late Starter 
Thumbs up Very Grateful


Thanks for all you done with this site. It will be a shame to see the forum end but that's how it goes. Thank you VERY much for keeping the forum available as an archive, there is a gold mine of helpful info here.

Thanks again and blessed be.
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