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The De-Enabling Thread

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Originally posted by Kahlie

And yes, I just ordered my Osho Zen, but not by MasterCard!

You're getting the deck only to get your grubby little hands on a MasterCard???

Wouldn't it be easier just to fill in an application?

I second that comment to Elf.
We don't mean to scare you off, really we dont. We're just having a bit of fun bashing ourselves over buying decks and are probably failing miserably to de-enable anyone.. Most of all ourselves.

Actually, my guilt from adding to this thread just got me to lay off my "max one deck per month" limit.

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Whew (weight lifts off my shoulders)

I have become downright frantic in my search for the Greenwood.
The postings here are helping to alleviate the "must have this at any cost" especially since I really cannot afford to spend $100-$200+ on a deck of cards.

That is just ridiculous.

The only deck I am really, truly in love with right now is the Stygian Darkness. Well, that's not true. I am pining away for the Blue Moon and Gaian decks also, but cannot afford those either.

Oh, and as of this weekend, I've also fallen for the Roi Nissanka (sp?). I don't have a Marseilles-based deck. Seems like I ought to, doesn't it?
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Originally posted by Kahlie
Feebie! Just pesker M-Press by PM every day to give you Daily Cards with her lovely deck! Then you don't need to buy it!!!

*hides herself and hopes M-Press doesn't see this*

And yes, I just ordered my Osho Zen, but not by MasterCard!
ROF, I know how you feel
Wouldn't it be easier to PM one another on this De-Enabling advice? but then again, since this thread is just done in the spirit of love for tarot decks , and fun, I guess she will probably understand.
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Sakki-Sakki, anyone?
OK, I'll give it a shot!

Now Feebie, we both know what a special deck the Sakki-Sakki is. Which is why you need to not buy it! LOL

A special deck deserves to coincide with a special time; a reward for working hard prehaps, a gift to yourself on your birthday...things like that.

I am sure the 23rd of August is a special day for a lot of people, but Feebie, it is not special enough for you to order the Sakki-Sakki!

Respect the specialness of the Sakki-Sakki by NOT buying it on any old day....wait for a special one
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Deck buying Moratorium.

I think we should enact an Deck purchasing moratorium. And if you are bad, and break said moratorium, your punishment will be to send me the offending decks.

But I don't want to start it until November, right after Druid Craft comes out....hehehehe
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Diana  Diana is offline
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Well, it may help if all you addicts realise that most of your addiction just goes to fill up the pockets of the distributors.

And that a large majority of the Tarot decks you people are falling your heads over to buy will leave you cold in a few months.

And that you will be just falling over yourselves to buy another one.

Don't you realise that you're just addicted? You remind me sometimes of a heroin addict who keeps on having to stick that needle into his vein to survive.

Anyway, most Tarot decks out there are just copies of other decks. The designers have never really given much thought as to why a 4 of Wands has this meaning, or why a 7 of Cups has that meaning. They vaguely copy most often a Rider Waite deck without having any understanding as to why the pictures are depicted as such.

The blind are leading the blind.

Stop celebrating your addiction. It is actually not funny.

Some of the decks you people buy only vaguely resemble Tarot.

Is this de-enabling enough?
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now there was a bucket of ice water.

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Oh no she chased all my patients away ! Now they will go underground and surely overdose...
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Originally posted by Diana
Stop celebrating your addiction. It is actually not funny.
Party pooper!

-- Lee
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I'm probably the last person to try this de-enabling stuff...but, oh goes...

If you like fairy tales, and folk stories as much as I do...then both the Whimsical and the Inner Child may have you scratching your head at some of the interpretations. (don't get me wrong here...I wouldn't part with either of them...but...) The Whimsical has some good cards and some others that don't seem quite right, as if they were trying to fit a tiny glass slipper on an ugly stepsister, and really hoping that there would be good enough that no one would notice.
The Inner Child cards aren't ALL fairy tale related...and some of the court cards take a lot of justification for me...and if you want to read with this deck you need a HUGE area to lay down the spread because these cards are really really REALLY big!

I Haven't used either one of these decks as much as I thought I would.

And as for the Sakki-Sakki...well...
do not order unless you have lots and lots of paitence!
My fingernails have all been chewed down to nothing in anticipation for this deck to FINALLY arrive in my mail box!!!!
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