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What card is TAROT for You?

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What card is TAROT for You?

I saw the tread on "I wanna be..." and my answer is:
Well, i like to think of my self as The Hierophant.

But now to My tread

Tarot for me is defenetly Four of Wands

What card are you and what card is TAROT for you?
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Tarot to me is either the High Priestess or the Hierophant. One who possesses mystery, and/or offers me a way to cross a bridge I couldn't manage on my own.
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For me it's "The Star". ^_^

It is hope, it is trust and it's offering a glimpse into the future.
The Star from the Toth deck has also been the first tarot which impressed me and was a present from a good friend who gave her cards away to everyone of her friends who liked to get a card from the remaining deck, because her deck was incomplete already when she recieved it from her aunt and couldn't use it for readings since her aunt removed "Death"and "Devil" from the deck because she thoght of them being too scary for a young girl. -_-
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Definitely the High Priestess for me. She symbolizes the mysterious, the link to the universal, the "seeds" or opportunities that are contained within all of us in our fields of possibilities, and that feeling that there is more to life than just the physical world and the 5 senses. A place of great power, but not the type of power play generated by the ego. A continuum where you blend your idea of self with the whole.
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I have moved this thread from the Tarot Games and Fun forum to here, since I believe it hits at an interesting issue that would be better off being dicussed here.

Off the top of my head, at the moment I feel the Tarot (or at least one aspect of it) is the Temperence card: a melting pot of ideas from all around the world, mixing and blending together to create the Philosopher's Stone.


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I originated the "I wanna be Tarot" thread, I thought of it as a game, but hey... I'm The Empress. I'd rather be The High Priestess, but I don't feel quite up to her yet! After I have a child (*finally!*), I will probably switch to HP.

To me, the essence of the Tarot is 0, The Fool - always travelling through every card... Next to that, The World: every single thing together.
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The moon -
because it's all about paying attention to one's intuition, and a journey that begins with one knowing little. Also because it can seem mysterious, even though it really isn't.
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The Wish Card!
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For me Tarot is a combination of the Magician and the High priestess.

It reads my mind and knows what I am really thinking about at the time, but it also finds insights from within my innermost soul/self
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Originally posted by Feebie
For me Tarot is a combination of the Magician and the High priestess.
Agreed. In this sense, the card that best represents the tarot has to be THE WORLD, since it stands for the final integration of these two opposing archetypal forces.
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