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Got My Scissors Out Again - this time, the THOTH gets it!

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Sulis  Sulis is offline
believer in magic
Join Date: 03 Feb 2002
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Well I think you did good - I think they look great. A vast improvement in fact.

I read somewhere that the Thoth borders were added later at the time of publishing. I think Lady F and Crowley would be proud of you.


Sulis xx
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Well I am done!!! And my cards look great

Be gone "cruelty" and "sorrow" and "indolence" and all the other rubbish that meant I could never read these cards for anyone!

My deck started out the same as yours Yab, the small blue AG Muller. But now I have liberated it from those pesky keywords, it is tiny!!! And yet, I feel like I can finnally SEE it. Although, my chopping is not as neat, I started out very careful, but I was going just that bit too fast at one point and I maimed the fool Its just a few missing fingers, I'm sure he will recover.
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Little Baron  Little Baron is offline
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Little Baron 

Thanks for the encouragement Sulis and I glad you are happy with your 'new' deck Pixie. I drew the '2 of Cups' this morning and the messages really opened up to me without the barriers. Was quite enlightening. As much as I would recommend doing this to everyone, it has helped me to finally try and connect to a deck that I have had little to no interaction with. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

What's a 'few fingers' amongst friends, eh?

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Join Date: 05 Aug 2004
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Chop, Chop

Inspired by all of you mad people with scissors, I took a pair to my Thoth yesterday (the small deck) because I've also not been able to connectwith it or use it much because of the annoying keywords, and now it is lovely. The artwork seems much more mysterious and alive and pure, and the new smaller size fits wonderfully in the hand or pocket. I'm very happy with the result.
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Well, now you've all done it.

I've NEVER been able to cope with the toth, and now, seing little bitty scans of it without that horrible border and those nasty words I LIKE it...
Only from a distance sofar, but this may well be the beginning of yet another studypath for me.

Far ahead in time though since I have several decks to get to know properly AND a tarot-cupboard for housing the decks in to be completed, decorated front and all, before I will be getting any more decks.

Edited to add:
What is a "cornercutter" and are they available in bookstores?
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lunakasha  lunakasha is offline
Join Date: 28 Feb 2003
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Just wanted to add my two cents here....

First of all....this thread has had me LMAO with some of the comments made....very entertaining!!! And yes, I will keep watching, hehehe....

Second comment: Yaboot, the cards look AMAZING without borders....what a difference!!! Cannot wait to hear how your first reading with the "edited" Thoth works out....

Alas, I am with Moonbow* in that the thought of taking scissors to one of my decks is just....well, I just don't think I could go through with it, much as the idea intrigues me....*sigh*

Meanwhile, I am enjoying reading about several of you who have followed Yaboot's lead and liberated yourselves from those pesky keywords and borders.....

Luna <resisting temptation to hack up her icky green >
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Originally posted by CharmingPixie
Although, my chopping is not as neat, I started out very careful, but I was going just that bit too fast at one point and I maimed the fool Its just a few missing fingers, I'm sure he will recover.
Having chopped the Rohrig, I think it is wise to do this job in small chunks. I ended up with blisters!!!

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mercenary30  mercenary30 is offline
Join Date: 19 Aug 2003
Location: MIles Under the SurfAce
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I am so intrigued with the way those look after you finished them Yaboot, but I would never do that to mine.....on the other hand, I am now considering buying the large Thoth with the intention of doing exactly that.....

Alas, I do not have a corner cutter.....
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Imagemaker  Imagemaker is offline
Join Date: 15 Dec 2003
Location: NH, USA
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Ok, my German Rohrig arrived, I have my super sharp scissors and a corner cutter ($4.99 from a craft store--in the scrapbook section).

Having clipped my New Palladini last winter, I have no reservations--just have to find the time. This weekend, I hope. It IS a big project, but I'm so looking forward to the results!
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Savoyali  Savoyali is offline
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Gar, this thread is making me want to go buy a Thoth this instant, just so I can snip off the borders. They look amazing, Yaboot!

I'm usually quite fond of borders, actually, but must admit the energy that my naturally borderless Templar gives off is just awesome. Hm, now where did I see that cheap Thoth recently?

And a corner cutter! I'd never heard of these before. Who can resist new toys?

Oh, you people are evil, evil I tell you!
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